In 2016, Trudeau converted Canada to a replica of the authoritarian state media model.

by Brad Salzberg

June 21, 2023

As reported this week by True North News, University of Oxford’s annual report on global media has found that a “vast majority of Canadians don’t trust legacy news media.” 

It’s a refrain Canadians have heard in the past. What we haven’t heard– certainly not from mainstream media, is commentary on how federal government media-funding has resulted in a decline of public trust in legacy media institutions.

There’s a direct relationship, to be sure.

“The study surveyed trust in legacy media outlets including CBC, Global News, CTV News, CP24, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and others.”

Not one of them will draw a connection between the decline in trust and the extent to which Canada’s Liberal government are funding the press. Cast aside is the concept that the greater the degree of media bias, the greater the extent of mistrust on behalf of the public.

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