by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

June 20, 2023

Not A Good Day For Canada -The Federal By Elections —The More Things Change —

The more they remain the same.

Four Federal Ridings. Two rural and two urban —-three Provinces —Quebec , Ontario and Manitoba.

It is obvious that the people have swallowed the kool aid —big time—swamped by fear and political spin perpetrated  by a main press  that took gobbles of money from the politicians.

The pandemic for many is a distant memory already and any talk of it is off limits.

Just think —-the flawed Inquires —Rouleau and National Citizens —seem to have had no impact.  At least in so far as impacting negatively on the main political parties. The billions of dollars  wasted on the so called pandemic, the lives lost , disrupted , the millions without a primary care giver, now reaching 20% of the population in some part of the country.

Status quo it seems . The population does not seem bothered by the trillion dollar debt, the deficit, foreign interference, China schools , conflict of interest everywhere—-from Trudeau ‘s violations  , to Poilievre ‘s appointment of his disgraced house leader and denigrating European democrats and his own caucus.

And the rights and freedoms of people, and constitutional malfeasance seem somehow an accepted part of Governing—-who would have thought this possible? The interference in our daily lives in restriction on free speech and the internet —the introduction of AI and digital currency —seem not  to be a part of the national debate outside of the Ottawa swamp.

And most troubling —-is the endorsement of these main political parties seem to ignore the importance of legitimate civil protest as manifested in the Truckers Convoy, the blatant violation by the state in restricting peoples right of movement  and most dramatically manifested in the State’s treatment of Dr. Charles Hoffe , Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Francis Christian and Dr. Jordan Peterson and scores of other brave Canadians.

This is not a good day for Canada !



  1. When I first read that the election in Bernier’s riding was going electronic, I knew the fix was in. I don’t care if they use paper ballots of not, if it gets fed into a machine, it’s electronic, which makes it easy to rig. Bernier never had a chance. The establishment will not allow this good man to represent a single Canuckistan citizen, no matter what.

    As for the POEC fiasco, they had the perfect opportunity to destroy the dictator on the stand and they completely blew it, almost to the point it made me wonder if the entire event was nothing more than pure kabuki theatre. After asking the dictator if it ever said anything negative or offensive about those who refused the jab, it responds with a flat-out ‘no’ (and with a huge grin on it’s face: The biggest giveaway that it lied and got away with it). This is where the lawyer team blew it. They could have easily had a compilation video ready of all the times dictator said offensive things towards those that refused the jabs, which would have completely demolished the dictator as a credible witness. They should have known that answer was entirely predictable and I doubt it would have taken long to put together a video clip showing all the times where this happened. After all, the pro-dictator teams had no problem putting together these same sort of compilation videos to discredit the whole convoy movement (I imagine they have to REALLY scavenge for these, given how some of this stuff looks like it could have been taken from anywhere and anytime within the country); that video established these submissions were acceptable. Was there such a clip ready? Nope. The question time simple ended and the people in the room reacted quite badly to this blatant lie. It would have not changed the ruling, for sure, but this could have done a lot more damage and did more for the cause of freeing Canuckistan from this endless tyranny if they had just done their jobs instead of giving the dictator a free pass.

    The NCI inquiry I don’t think accomplished much of anything because it established stuff we already knew. Kill shots murdered people (and will continue to do so for the next several years when cancer becomes a nation-wide emergency), corrupt media was bought and paid for to push Pfizer-approved murder weapons and promote the notion that those who refused it should be killed, because we refuse to line dictator pockets… The list goes on. It’s all stuff we knew. There is no surprise in any of this. I was considered the retard of my school for as long as I was there and yet I knew back in early 2021 this stuff was murdering people. Yet, the ‘experts’ still don’t seem to get this utterly basic concept through their heads? Is it because their brains are padded with a massive money barrier that doesn’t let facts get through? Laura Lynn was right in calling these group of murder profiteers ‘cowards’.

    One small piece of good news: This by-election gave us a chance to see which ‘so-called’ independent media entities also drink the kool-aid. We saw a lot of betrayal and I doubt they will ever recover that trust they built up over the years. Having our independents push the Conservatives, which are just as owned as the Liberals (As are NDP, Bloc, Green are) and are just as corrupt and committed to killing every single citizen that lives here… Well, like I said, now we have a better idea of who we can trust for information.

  2. Trudeau and all of parliament need the boot as they are all corrupt going along with as Brian Peck ford says this feudal system to enslave us while we have stupid Canadians sitting back silent unaware of the spiders web we are in.

    Meanwhile Trudeau spends as much as he can on unimportant things such as the Ukraine war, and the Transgender ideology a distraction in itself.

  3. When citizens such as Chris Sky are not allowed to debate in an election for mayor of Toronto you also know the fix is in. All you have to do is look at Hunter Biden’s laughable probation for crimes Trump would have been put away for for 50 yrs.