Justin Trudeau’s personal neurosis regarding manhood and the family unit is dividing citizen from citizen, community from community— for a purpose.

by Brad Salzberg


June 18, 2023

In Canada, Father’s Day is observed to honor fatherhood every year on the third Sunday of June. Although not a public holiday, many Canadians celebrate this day to show appreciation and give respect to fathers and father figures.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not one of them. While the reasons for his reticence are worth exploring, media in Canada devote no space to the subject. One can only guess at the motivation, which CAP believe come from several factors– some personal, some political.

In the beginning, there was the family unit. The history of the family is a branch of social history that concerns the sociocultural evolution of kinship groups from prehistoric to modern times. Within all societies, the family has played a universal and basic role.

In others words, the family is a core building block upon which civilization is based. Out of its embryonic prehistoric existence came family values, for example, the honouring father and mother. Over the centuries, core values originating in the family unit blossomed to incorporate western morality, as well as concepts of justice and personal freedom.

The family represents tradition. It is here that PM Justin Trudeau draws the line. To be caustic about it, Mr. Trudeau hates tradition. Never in his eight years as national leader has our PM advocated on behalf of traditional Canadian values.

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