No, it wasn’t Adolph

by Bruce O’Hara

June 16, 2023

Say what you like against Hitler and the German Nazis, you have to give them credit for one thing. Fascism developed a comprehensive toolbox for totalitarian control that has never been equalled.

Justin Trudeau has been using way too many of the classic strategies of fascism for my comfort.

In fairness to Justin, I don’t think he got his dirty tricks direct from the manufacturer. Rather, he obtained them second-hand, from Barack and Joe.

How are the tools of traditional fascism being recycled? Let us count the ways:

1) Control the Press

The Nazis had jack-booted storm-troopers to keep the German press servile.

I’m sure Justin must have been dumbfounded when the steaming, stinking, smoking gun of Hunter’s laptop didn’t prevent Joe Biden from winning the 2020 election. Hell, Joe and Hunter didn’t even go to jail!

Perhaps Joe took Justin aside and said: “A young fella like you who likes to colour outside the lines – you need a press corps that will cover your backside.” One way or another, Justin understood.

I’m not sure how Trudeau managed to so completely neuter the CBC. But clearly he has.

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