Housing Minister MP Ahmed Hussen is “incompetent and believes he’s there to do theatre. He should resign,” says the owner of Toronto-based Butler Mortgage.

by Brad Salzberg


June 15, 2023

Record high immigration to Canada is creating more problems for home buyers and renters in an already strained housing market, financial analysts are warning.

“The influx of cash (that) comes with the number of well-heeled immigrants will continue driving up the price of real estate.”

Against the grain of media rhetoric regarding new arrivals to Canada it is. The overall vibe of the immigrant experience as purported by government and media goes like this:

Canadian-born citizens are to feel sorry for new immigrants. Their suffering is deeper than that of locals. Victims of racism, bigotry and xenophobia, citizens of European extraction must recognize this suffering, and proceed to feel really, really bad about it.

These themes are perpetuated within all controlling institutions of Canada. Government, media, academia, as well as within our business and corporate communities.

Only to discover that “the lion’s share of newcomers is from what IRCC calls the ‘economic class,’ meaning they’re skilled and moneyed.”

“The people coming here have higher net-worths and they’re pricing out Canadians by giving advanced rent.”

Has the Canadian wool been pulled over the eyes of what is now a 40-million population? Of course it has. In PM Justin Trudeau’s Canada, feigned community suffering is the quickest path toward attainment of socio-political power.

Few understand this better than Liberal Minister of Housing and Multiculturalism, MP Ahmed Hussen, refugee from Somalia, and current half-citizen of that country.

According to True North News“Ahmed Hussen became Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion of Canada in Oct. 2021, but Canada’s housing crisis has only worsened since – and housing analysts believe Hussen’s policies are to blame.”

“Hussen is incompetent and he believes he’s there to do theatre. He should resign,” says the owner of Toronto-based Butler Mortgage. Butler further stated that  “there’s been absolutely zero progress made by him.”

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  1. Amazing how we hear that mishandler after mishandler after mishandler are all labeled with the same term, “Incompetent”. Almost like they are all diversity hires, rather than based off the capabilities/experiences. We also find out the mishandler of justice has had two cars stolen? –Whaaaa?!

    Also, Marco the Liar is on the run from reporters today who were reminded about what their job was after CTV laid off a whole bunch of them (I give it another 48 hours, top, before they are back to doing the big old S to Trudeau again). To quote many of the posts that were made about this, “Run, Forest! Run!” XD