Pictured, LGBT evangelist PM Justin Trudeau with post-modern Canadian flag.

“Pink Fascism” in the form of LGBT indoctrination in our schools functions as an instrument of social division. Justin Trudeau wouldn’t have it any other way.

by Brad Salzberg


June 14, 2023

Bruce Pardy is professor of law at Queen’s University, as well as a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute. A critic of legal progressivism, Prof. Pardy has written on a range of subjects at the front lines of the woke culture wars currently permeating Canadian society.

This month, Professor Pardy spoke of his feelings during a podcast interview published by the National Post. In it, he describes the phenomenon of wokeness as “Modern Fascism With A Smiling Face.”

In no element of society is the trend more prevalent than in what Cultural Action Party of Canada has coined “Pink Fascism.” The nomenclature refers to a disturbing social development within Canadian society.

It occurs when government, rather than parents, hold jurisdiction over a child’s sexual identity. The roots of the phenomenon run deep. In terms of fascist indoctrination of children, the Hitler Youth movement during World War II stands as a quintessential example.

“By 1930, the Hitlerjugend (HJ) had enlisted over 25,000 boys aged 14 and upward. The members of the Hitler Youth were viewed as ensuring the future of Nazi Germany and they were indoctrinated in Nazi ideology.”

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