What is the path to victory for Maxime Bernier on Monday night? What could prevent him from winning in the most favourable PPC riding in the country?

by Travis Morris

Vox Canada

June 14, 2023

“Game on!” – Garth from Wayne’s World

The political landscape in Canada is often punctuated by by-elections that serve as important indicators of public sentiment and political shifts. Among these contests, the by-election in Portage—Lisgar holds particular significance. Taking place in the heartland of the country, this electoral race is poised to shape the political dynamics not only in the constituency but also at the national level. Historically, this riding has been a stronghold for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), and the upcoming by-election presents an opportunity for both the CPC to consolidate their base, as well as the best opportunity for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) to win their first seat.

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  1. Unfortunately I cannot vote in that electoral District. But as a card carrying member of The People’s Party of Canada, I wish I could.

    I am already in some discussions with PPC in BC, and I am hopeful to be a candidate in the next federal election.

    The PPC has a real platform, and I like it. It’s very clear in the PPC takes a specific position on all of the main issues affecting Canada right now.