More and more, doctors across the United States have begun questioning the COVID narrative relating to vaccines, masks, lockdowns and alternative treatments and they’re speaking out. Dr. Kat Lindley has co-founded the Global Health Project to amplify those voices and ensure that the kind of mass hysteria and misinformation peddled by elite institutions never happens again. Jimmy speaks with Dr. Lindley about her program and the Global Health Project’s efforts to encourage physicians to raise their voices and restore faith in medical professionals. Visit Global Health Project online:



  1. I deeply respect the courage and the moral compass of doctors like this who are coming forward and speaking truthfully.

    Sadly, here in Canada all of the doctors who go public with the truth about the Plandemic, the Clot-Shots, etc. etc are losing their licenses, and being banned from practicing medicine.

    I have no doubt that this doctor and her group will be viciously attacked in the mainstream media, which of course is “brought to you by Pfizer”.

    Sadly the majority of the public still rely on the corporate controlled Evening News, and the 24/7 “programming” of CNN programs. Their news message and their advertising is all focused on fear mongering and scaring the public into believing the deadly vaccines are the only correct choice, if you love your grandmother and you don’t want to kill her.