by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

June 12, 2023

BC’s former CMO of Interior Health faces a very bad time:

From the article:

“Crown prosecutors in Alberta are seeking an eight year prison term for Interior Health’s former chief medical health officer for child sex crimes. Dr. Albert de Villiers, 54, was convicted of sexual interference of a child and sexual assault on Feb. 7, following a three-day trial in January in Grande Prairie’s Court of King’s Bench of Alberta. He appeared in court Monday morning for a sentencing hearing”.

“The child, whose identity is protected under a publication ban, told his mother in May 2021 that de Villiers had previously shown him pornographic videos during several sleepovers, and touched his penis. He said de Villiers had put his mouth on the child’s penis. The child told police the assaults occurred “again, again and again.””

“De Villiers is facing separate child sex charges, stemming from allegations between January 2017 and December 2019 in Alberta. He’s scheduled to face trial on those charges in August.”

Dr. Albert de Villiers

I’m not claiming to be a seer or prophet but at the time I had a very strange feeling about de Villiers. I’ve always felt that there is something very wrong with the personality type that turns totalitarian when given the chance. Sometimes these types of people don’t have enough self-control or discernment when given an opportunity. Instead of letting things play out they can’t help themselves. Instead of keeping under the radar they tend to blurt out their innermost thoughts. During the covhoax many health officials and politicians just couldn’t help revealing their extreme inner medifascist tendencies. They are the type of people that can’t repress those inner urges and rages tend to have other issues to suppress. The behaviour is linear in type. It comes as no surprise that various manifestations of the same personality type tend to show themselves. Like childhood cat torturers, they eventually progress to increasingly monstrous acts. Mask dictators in the workplace progress to being chief interferers in people’s lives and ruin workplaces completely with their OCD, anxiety and fear.

I called it correctly at the time when I first saw the appearance of de Villiers public manifestos, and was so inclined to write directly to de Villiers. I challenged him on many of his beliefs and those Branch Covidius arcane rituals and beliefs of the time that I deemed likely he was in support of. I am convinced that he and a few others within Interior Health were the high priests of Covidius during the nondemic.

My email of 23 April 2021 sent at 11.40 a.m.

Dr. Albert de Villiers,

I was shocked to my very core at reading a quote from you on Castanet dated 22 April2021 under the news article titled “No vaccinations allowed”. You stated “the COVID-19 vaccine is not a live virus vaccine, so it’s not possible to shed the virus because of the vaccine,” Dr. de Villiers said. “The fact that you get the vaccine is not going to make you shed the virus.”

My first point, you refer to this as a “vaccine”. I’m sure based on your experience and qualifications, you are aware that this is an mRNA based gene treatment, and has nothing in common with a “vaccine”. So why are high level politicians and health experts referring to it as a “vaccine”? Why are YOU referring to it as a “vaccine”?

 The gene treatment does not prevent infection and cannot prevent onward transmission, it is merely claimed to reduce the symptoms and reduce the incidence of mortality.

Some of this may seem like splitting hairs at this point, but it questions your integrity, accuracy and honesty. A gene treatment is a gene treatment, it is not a “vaccine”. I refuse to refer to these treatments as “vaccines”. And on this point we are in phase 3 of human trials. Are recipients of these experimental EUA products informed that they are part of a human trial? Do they receive full informed consent around the fact that this treatment is experimental?

You say “The fact that you get the vaccine is not going to make you shed the virus.” which is factually correct. However I’m sure you are familiar with the term “leaky vaccine”. If not, you should be. We know from research that the genre treatments are “leaky” in that they do not sterilize the infection/virus. They are simply forcing the body to create the spike protein to prime for future ability to respond to an infection. So your statement is correct but in withholding information, or failing to inform the reader, it fails to recognize that there are some serious negative outcomes from the gene treatments. Misinformation is consistently bashed, yet you play your own part in it. 

 In a normal “vaccine” scenario, the viral infection has the body attacking the virus and breaking it down (sterilizing the infection). The body sheds broken down viral fragments, bits of mRNA, and other junk. Even with coughs, colds, and sneezes, very little of this material is active, infectious virus. With the gene treatments, the virus itself is not attacked, or destroyed. The reaction to the spike portion of the virus forces it to see escape (called “viral escape)” from the host system. In this case, the gene treatment subject has active virus fleeing the body through whatever means possible. So should someone be more afraid of an infected person that hasn’t received the gene treatments, or one who has. I’ll let you figure that out. However, the point seems to be that random business owners seem to be more aware of who poses the greater health risk to them than you do. I ask how is this possible that you are so misinformed?

Hopefully you are also aware of Marek’s disease. As the gene treatments are rolled out aggressively the viral escape forces evolution and mutation of the virus in the same manner that it does with Marek’s disease. This is why you are seeing more “variants” as gene treatments ramp up. In the case of applying Marek’s disease as an example of what may happen, do you realize that we are possibly facing the destruction of humanity to some degree or other?

I would ask how it is possible that you seem to be highly uninformed in these areas of virology, epidemiology, and immunology? Simply by failing to inform the public, omitting information, or understanding genuine concerns from informed laypersons, you are contributing to this situation.

 Health care workers are afraid of speaking out about their concerns. People like yourself, appointed as guardians of the narrative around covid, are afraid of dissent. Any healthcare worker who dares to speak out is silenced and admonished or punished through professional means. Why have less than 50% of frontline healthcare workers across the world declined these gene treatments? Kindly explain.

 If 86m people have received these gene treatments in the USA, how come the number of cases is still the same as February 2021, pre ramp up phase? If masks, lockdowns and socialist distancing is effective, why are cases in TX and FL declining at such a rapid rate? Kindly answer.

If the treatments are effective, why are hundreds upon hundreds of people in communities across the world still getting positive tests and infected post “vaccination”?

The gene treatments are under phase three trial until March 2023. Are you aware? Are you informing the public about this?

 If the treatments were proven to work at an efficacy of 95%, why is the ARR less than 1%, and the 1% figure fraudulently skewed by removal of 4.500 covid positive results in the genre treatment group? (Ronald B. Brown “Outcome Reporting Bias in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trials” 2021).

 How and why did all the ferrets involved in previous mRNA gene treatments die? What is ADE and pathogenic priming and how does it relate to mRNA based gene treatments? What risk do the gene treatments have on patients previously infected with sars-cov-2 and having antibodies, when exposed to future new or existing coronaviruses? Influenzas? Other viruses or infections? 

Why do people who have previous covid infection and carry effective levels of lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID antibodies need a gene treatment or conventional vaccine? What is the justification for this? (Dan et al, “Immunological memory to SARS-CoV-2 assessed for up to 8 months after infection” 2021).

 Ignoring the staggering amount of deaths and serious injuries, some life changing, from VAERS. Yellow Book and seems negligent, however you are willing to assign deaths from motorcycle accidents, three other comorbidities, advanced dementia beyond end of life expectancy and other causes, within 28 days of a dubious PCR test, to be acceptable. Have you seen the cases of gene treatment injuries and deaths? The neurological damage? Blindness? Yet you are supposed to “do no harm” and your gene treatments are intended to protect humanity. 

We know there exists a level of innate immunity even among previously uninfected people. With a CFR and IFR now less than flu and the risk of infection or mortality among under 70’s without comorbidities pretty much zero, what is the justification for rolling out mass gene treatments to a population?

 Your profession has explained the risks of “long covid” and “long haulers”, conveniently forgetting that this has been a symptom of flu and other respiratory illnesses since forever. (Jiajia Chen et al “Long term outcomes in survivors of epidemic Influenza A (H7N9) virus infection” 2017). How many more lies, deceptions, and embellishments do we have to suffer? Your profession speaks to us as if we are stupid. Or are you merely unqualified and/or incompetent?

 In your esteemed position, are you aware that the public are becoming highly informed about the covid hoax? We know that Christian Drosten created the PCR assay based on a lab sequence and this was not even based on an active isolated or purified virus. The WHO never has received an active isolated or purified virus (despite claims to the contrary from many parties, grown in monkey cells or lab spliced or never proven to replicate in human cell tissue). The sequence for sars-cov-2 maps to 96.4% of a human genome. Sars-cov-2 now recombinates back into human DNA post infection (Zhang et al, “SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome” 2020). Are we even testing positive for people who are post-infection carrying fragments of nucleic acid or other components in their own DNA? Such abject uninformed inaccurate nonsense. Kary Mullis is turning in his grave any time the PCR is mentioned. As per CDC (“2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel” 2019) states “Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms” and “This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens”.

 In fact none of the seven “human coronaviruses” have actually been isolated and all the sequences of the primers of their respective PCRs as well as those of a large number of fragments of their supposed genomes are found in different areas of the human genome (Lehrer & Rheinstein, “SARS-CoV-2 orf1b Gene Sequence in the NTNG1 Gene on Human Chromosome 1” 2020) and in genomes of bacteria and archaea. This includes maps in BLAST for the S and E gene in all claimed virus sequences. (Blanca,, 2021)

Do you actually think that the public are stupid, Albert? Provincial health bodies and other FOI requests made to various levels of government go unresponsive. They refuse to verify the cycle threshold for PCR tests across BC, and refuse to verify the actual sequences being tested. They refuse to disclose the primers and whether one or two primers are used and their position relative to S1. Garbage in, garbage out, to add fuel to the daily casedemic figures and to promote fear and anxiety across the uninformed population. Ontario is still using 38-40 Ct so what is BC using? >40? Why the full spectrum sequencing? Is it to ensure that maximum Ct amplifies any fragments available of any source material to create a false positive (more cases for the casedemic?)

 Therefore we have a “casedemic” of nothing. Stop testing and we will end the pandemic, it’s as simple as that. No questions, no debate, nothing more complicated than that. You know it and I know it.

 I would urge you to consider your overall position on this matter. There is a groundswell of opinion across the world demanding “Nuremburg-2” type country-neutral independent courts for crimes against humanity. As this approaches, and I’m sure it will in some form or another, we all need to know what side of the line we are on. How you process your interpretation of the Hippocratic Oath is on your shoulders.

 You have a responsibility to serve the public and to inform them. And to be honest in your direction and guidance around public health issues. I find your uninformed public commentary to be utterly disgusting and repugnant. However since you represent that mainstream political narrative around this “pandemic” it does not in the least bit surprise me. It would be a brave person to speak out for the good of humanity, buy many are, across the world. 

Your masks are a novelty virtue signalling act of theatre that have no effectiveness outside of a medical environment. Social distancing is another act that other than in highly infectious close quarters, has no relevance and is a cruel and inhuman fear driven dehumanizing strategy. Lockdowns, restrictions, curfews, business closures, reduced mobility and other controls result in increased (not reduced) risk of viral spread and have highly negative effects on people’s health and mental health.

 Albert, we really have found you out. We know the truth, we know about all the devious and manipulative means and motivations behind the casedemic hoax. And we have no faith in people like yourself, Henry or Dix to lead us out of this psychological prison. We know about the lies, we know about the mass competence, the cover ups, the deceit.

We know, Albert. You have been found out. The great fraud and the huge global hoax. Speak up, speak out, and make a difference before humanity is destroyed forever.


I know that most of this is old news to our readers, but I want to share this with you because there were many people like myself who were challenging and sharing content and resources directly with those on the front lines and at the very top of the healthcare system, even to top people in the BC Government and our local politicians. We started in early 2020 (April 20th, for myself) some even before that, and we have never relented in our search for accountability and justice.

If you have read through the points above it has taken over 2 years from the date of my email to prove my evidence to be correct, or for that to play out into wider public discussions. Much of it has taken a while to filter through, even to hardened members of The Resistance.

For the record de Villiers never responded, and did not change his public stance on vaxmask oppression and public health tyranny. Interior health executives, directors and senior personnel never replied to any of my emails with similar presentations of data and science-based content.

They will never apologize or admit that they were wrong. There is no humility with their kind. Neurosis, anxiety and psychosis precludes acceptance of error or wrongdoing, and it is a personality trait of psychopaths. This is why I will continue to demand justice, retribution and vengeance until the day I die. Therefore, the punishment that is appropriate for destroying society, our economy and so many people’s lives must be quite frankly the ultimate of all punishments. One of the ultimate crimes a so-called “top doctor” can commit is to fail to be open to all considerations, all concepts, and all data sources. Such rigidity and conformity costs us our economy, and life as we once knew it would be destroyed forever. Perfectly happy confident people have been turned into babbling hypochondriac nervous wrecks by Project Fear and the pharma-medical propaganda machine. Anyone who took to the pulpit to spew their public facing dogma is guilty by association and by involvement.

I tried, as many of us tried, and one of the only true solace we have is that we were right. As unqualified in terms of science and medicine as some of us may have been, we had strong analytical and research skills, and we were able to rapidly self-educate ourselves. I have seen even this very week in my readings that the research paper I referenced above relating to DNA recombination was discussed within scientific circles, appearing in a quite complex Substack article.

De Villiers may never have succumbed to any of my challenges but as he faces many years in prison he can contemplate his destiny, his history, and his overall contribution to society.

He can rot in his own personal hell, and I hope he is tortured and tormented by his various anti-social deviant actions.

Beasts and monsters, all.