Maxime Bernier will be joining Tanya Gaw on the next Empower Hour! Maxime is a man on a mission. Proclaiming truth, and uncompromisingly and unapologetically fighting for faith, family, freedom and justice. Tanya and Maxime will be discussing many issues, considered taboo by the mainstream, but critical to preserving our nation’s rich heritage. Tanya will also speak with Maxime about his incredible shift from a focus on business and finances, to a freedom fighting politician!

When: Wednesday, June 14, 2023 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST Register in Advance.
Schedule Change: 4:30pm PST – A4C Orientation; 4:45pm PST – Tanya’s update; 5pm PST/8pm EST – Empower Hour guest segment

Maxime Bernier is a courageous and principled politician who speaks his mind. A man of ideas and convictions, his belief in personal responsibility and freedom is at the heart of his political vision. Over the course of his political career, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to protecting and furthering the freedom and prosperity of Canadians.

Mr. Bernier has acted as Leader of the PPC since its founding in 2018. He has championed a positive and energetic vision for Canada that stands apart from the languid status quo of the political establishment, and continues to do so. Mr. Bernier is currently running as a candidate in Portage-Lisgar, Manitoba.

Read more about Maxime and visit his website HERE.





  1. Unfortunately, I feel like this is only place I can post stuff like this…

    I’m not convinced he’ll win, even if he actually has the popular support he does.

    – His popular support is possible, indeed. If he was up against Bergen, he’d have no chance. This time, he’s up against a nobody who needs half the CPC to treat the riding like a vacation spot to help prop him up. That does not come across as a position of strength.

    – From what I have read and gathered, they are going electronic for this riding. I don’t know about the others, but definitely for this one. Electronic means rigged. It will likely be built into the source code. If I looked at it long enough, unless it’s in something silly like Assembly, I could probably tell you if it was designed to do so. A digital databse is without a paper trail and easy enough to manipulate, thus no proof can be provided that this is legitimate. If the damn thing is on a SQL database, I could probably patch it in an hour (probably less if I was on a real clock to get it done and I had what I needed to get it right the first time). Witnesses in plenty of states in the US have testified with regards to how easy these digital version can be toyed with. I also think Ontario was rigged. I find it rather difficulty to believe the New Blue Party got 5th place, behind the Greens, in the Cambridge riding they held for as long as they did.

    They pulled all the stops to guarantee New Blue never got a seat and I have all the reason to believe the same thing will happen to Bernier. The establishment will not allow him to win, no matter how much fraud is required. If Bernier is serious about wanting to win, he should demand an immediate switch to 100% paper ballots with independent observers, immediately. It shouldn’t be impossible to change over on short notice. The only thing they would really need would be extra bodies to make sure the counting is done impartially, instead of being fed to machines so they can be manipulated. Maybe it takes longer, fine, but it’s more important it is done right. If he does not do this, he is doomed.

  2. Canada’s Federal elections are done with paper ballots.

    I like paper ballots because they can easily be recounted if there is a concern.

    The ballots (see attached sample) are mostly black, but there are white circles where the voter puts their check mark or an “X”.

    I have always said that if Canada switches to electronic voting at the federal level then we are toast.

    So I disagree with the commenter who said that they are using electronic voting.

    Peace from BC