The Dumbing-Down of America

by Bruce O’Hara

June 11, 2023

For decades, communities across Canada and the US have been adding fluorides to the water supply as a public health measure to improve the dental health of children.

A recently released report from the US National Toxicology Program, indicates that that policy has almost certainly had significant, long-term adverse effects on the IQ of Americans.

The draft US Government report was released only as a result of court action by the Fluoride Action Network. The US Government clearly doesn’t want you to know that their health policies have been dumbing-down America for a very long time.

Starting in 2015, the NPT examined 500 studies on the relationship between fluoride exposure and neurotoxicity. From the Epoch Times:

“The meta-analysis in the most recent version of the NTP draft review concluded that ‘52 of 55 studies reported an inverse association between fluoride exposure and children’s IQ.’

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