I Have a Witness, Former Chief Accountant of Burisma Willing to Give Up All the Offshore Bank Accounts, INCLUDING THE BIDENS’ ACCOUNTS – HAS ACCESS TO A LOT MORE”

by Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit

June 11, 2023

Rudy Giuliani joined Rita Cosby on Newsmax on Saturday morning to discuss the latest Congressional investigations into the Biden Family Crimes.

During the interview Rudy Giuliani DROPPED A BOMB!

Rudy, who warned the American public about the Biden Family’s international pay for play scandals years ago, told Rita Cosby that he has a witness who is the former chief accountant at Burisma who is willing to testify on the Biden crimes. She even has the Biden bank account transactions. She has the receipts!

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  1. I saw an interview a while ago where two guys had all the receipts for how the money was funnelled into the offshore accounts. Everything. Amounts, bank accounts, offshore accounts, numbered accounts, the entire audit trail. They handled it all. I think they were Latvian but not 100% sure that I recall clearly.