We are lost,

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

June 10, 2023

We are lost. Or more accurately, ‘they” are lost. Who exactly is “they”. I suggest that the vast majority of western civilization are lost. They have been lost for a couple of decades, in the main, a few for longer, some less so. Many got completely lost and disoriented during the covhoax. They have lost their human connection as they look elsewhere to ease their pain, misery and suffering, or simply to end their boredom. They have become purposeless drones.

The mass psychosis, mass medical experiment, collective herd suffering, economic devastation and political madness of the last 3 years has definitely exacerbated the truly awful state of the western world. Psychologically, many people are a broken, shattered wreck. They stare and drool in utter confusion and bewilderment. They are so utterly confused, with their social conformity programming channels overloaded, they don’t know whether to wave a Ukraine or a rainbow transgender flag, rail against arsonist caused forest fires, demand to pay more taxes to support Ukraine harder, or the other next new thing they are waiting to be told about. The narrative has overwhelmed them. Trump derangement is already a baseline to their programming, so although they jump in glee at his recent misfortune, it’s just an amplification of an old narrative. Nothing is setting them up for a clear run to total derangement and rage. They will not quite self-destruct. Yet.

If you study humanity and observe the world around you, you’ll see the degradation of society in general. Entropy is quite linear until hitting its terminal point of accelerated collapse at the very end point. We’re still linear, after a bump in the rate during the 3-year covhoax psychosis.

People are uneducated and unworldly, very gullible, believing pretty much anything they are told. The lack of self-respect and personal sovereignty means they will now believe anything they are told or that they read. Low IQ and poor analytical and cognitive skills mean the average person cannot make their own mind up about anything. It’s why they are so receptive to the narratives, and why they consume MSM propaganda.

Most people are financially illiterate and cannot balance household budgets. Rising costs and increased interest rates come as a shock to them. People receive credit card bills in the mail and can’t believe where they are at. It all comes as a great surprise. Entire families lack the ability to analyze finances. Fingers of blame are angrily pointed and sources of blame are identified.

General discourse and debate are sadly lacking. On social media or in the street it’s become much harder to find like minds, or even similar minds, where decent constructive debate could be had. I don’t even bother attempting this any more. Just the occasional, incidental experience where I do find a “live one” who can be engaged. Often you can identify them, lively and active, eyes bright like shiny pins. Otherwise, these human-like creatures shuffle around with dull grey eyes, heads down, mumbling and lumbering around. They are not part of civil society, and civil society has not found a solution to their woes. Criminal hordes run amok in liberal metropolises, cities running out of control lacking in law and order, without common decency. I sometimes suggest leaving them to be, shutting down all retail and service business and all basic services. Let them consume themselves in rage, crime, violence and madness. Fence them in like Escape from LA. All of society’s collective efforts and knowledge has failed to find a solution. I am Snake Plissken, you are Snake Plissken, we are all Snake Plissken now. My solution hasn’t been tried yet, because the collective political apparatus is a hand-wringing liberal mess of excuses and apologies. But be sure, the accelerated rate of decay means that something really bad is coming soon. They’re either going to rampage through your leafy suburban streets, or you’re having to deal with them yourself. Police protection fails to exist. I’ve personally seen criminal sprawl move from a small downtown to a decent lower-class single family residential area in the pace of a few years. No hosepipe, lawn chair, garden ornament or BBQ is safe. The zombie horde attacks and takes over, installing a sense of total lawlessness. If you live in a city this is your likely future fate. You share sidewalk space with the walking dead. They sleep, or are lifeless, found prone and immobile under your back deck.

Many different subclasses of humanity exist, underclasses living below and outside the margins. To paraphrase a famous politician, what are we to do with these people? Prone zombie like hordes addicted to various substances. Ask yourself what has not been tried before, apart from spending more and more taxpayer’s money.

One other observation of society is the complete and utter state of people, and their absolute uselessness. People are now unable or unwilling to work, whether medically injured, paranoid hypochondriacs or simply the lazy waiting for the next pandemic and its generous handouts. There’s a mass social contagion of laziness and apathy. A sense that life is so hard one should actually just give up all hope of trying. Once all aspirations are gone, once all motivation is eradicated, when the need and desire to self-develop, grow and thrive leave the human body, they become something else. All hope departs. The husk is then left in a sense of total ennui, gullible and receptive to all government manipulation and coercion. And make no mistake, some young people aspire to create such a world, where they have nothing and delude themselves into thinking that hey are happy. We have seen this all before, yet humanity has little collective memory. Stalin, the great leap backward, Year Zero and Pol Pot mean nothing to them. You cannot educate the stupid or ignorant.


“The early work of Levy has provided empirical explanations on the social contagion of approach-goals and avoidance-goals. In several experiments, Levy demonstrated that when an individual is deciding on whether to approach or to avoid a task, one’s immediate social environment can influence such decisions. When students, for instance, see their classmates avoid schoolwork, this could prompt them to adopt the same avoidant behavior.”

I’ve had a hard life, one that was not easy. I’ve hustled and held down 2-3 jobs. Had a side job. Worked day shift to night shift and once over again at weekends. I’ve forgone vacations and ‘stuff’ when I had to. A decade without a vacation, as an example. I’ve lived in a half-renovated house. I’ve done jobs I hated and worked for people I despised, in situations that were not healthy for me, until I could step up and move ahead. I looked back at them with contempt and disgust. But move on I did, after putting in effort, learning, adapting, and taking that to my next challenge. Of course, today’s challenges are different, AI threatens many people, Christians and white heterosexuals face workplace and social discrimination, and positive workplace discrimination is real. I’ve suffered that myself. But be sure that AI can’t fix a leak, use a wrench or create a home. It’s been hard, though I’ve found inside myself an ability to find purpose, create goals, motivate myself, and work towards self-improvement and strengthening various areas of “me”.

We in The Resistance need to be nurturers and leaders, inspirations to those who follow us. Many are confused and want to follow the correct path. So they are out there, in small numbers, and we are seeing signs they are reaching out and making an effort, maybe perhaps growing in numbers. Some are disgusted by what they see around them. In schools, colleges and universities they see madness. They are boxed in and prevented from discussing their concerns, their opinion has no value, and they look to their elders for help. They have little respect for the conventional uniparty political system as all they see are stooges, aged buffons and tragic inept bumbling comedy characters from the cupboards at the WEF. Despite what we see around us we must remain open and positive towards those that seek us out.

Overall though it appears we in the west are faced with a society of morons, uneducated cretins, and people who can barely function. This includes third rate politicians who seem like the production from a comedy show, useless public servants, illiterate sheep-like media, and other random fools,

As society disintegrates, how will the vast mindless herd survive? How will they function in a collapsing world? Simply put, they won’t. They’re not surviving right now. They are not thriving in adversity. They refuse to speak out in times of adverse regimes, in fact many can’t even identify that they’re in an adverse punishing world. They have no self-awareness, they are non-sentient mindless husks. They will become a risk to you, as they threaten to take you down with them.

Not likely to survive:

In recent news 4 Indigenous siblings were found alive after surviving an Amazon plane crash in a remote part of Colombia after spending 40 days alone in the jungle:



This is of course quite amazing and remarkable to western eyes. To those that understand these people, their culture and way of life it is not so surprising. They are simple people, with few needs. The basic human needs are enough to maintain them. Of course, they strive against poverty, poor nutrition, literacy issues and other key challenges. But they are incredibly capable, resourceful and self-determinant people. Households survive on only a few thousand dollars a year. Due to lack of access to financing, and a desire to avoid indebtedness, they build basic homes and then expand them when they can afford. Sometimes this process takes decades. Imagine telling the average working GenY couple that they may have to wait and save up for their next bigger upgrade house? Far easier to take on a massive crippling mortgage. Advising them to defer their next few years Mexican winter vacations won’t go down too well.

The indigenous communal/collectivist society structure means entire families will work together on a project, or pool their money and resources. Family and community is important. Children go to school in the mornings, and in the afternoon, they may work in the fields, help prepare food, or hustle produce or goods in the local towns. Family and personal needs are simple and basic. Under communal structures an entire cow or pig will feed a village. Weddings and other events are collectively humbly but happily celebrated. Elders are treated with great respect, and very rarely does one observe homelessness or drunken, drug induced stupors, unless it is after one of the great festivals of the seasons, when too much alcohol may be consumed. Gangs do not run out of control, and youth are socially engaged and kept too busy to run astray. Families have 2, 3 or more generations working together to help each other. These generally conservative societies have not yet disintegrated. Malevolent external forces have not yet reached their communities, and if there is any external effort or influence it is usually kept to basics like medial and food supply. However, during the covhoax white people did come bearing gifts, and the people were mostly caught off guard succumbing to the medical terrorism. The equivalent of pox ridden blankets were willingly dispensed by do-gooders.

Mining and mineral extraction by transnationals do threaten their environment, with bribes and bullying paramilitary activity used against communities. They fight back and organize, but it is a difficult challenge for subsistence peoples. In most cases the objectors to this destruction aren’t funded by The Open Society or NGO’s. It’s a complex issue, sometimes where funding goes towards projects to relocate the communities or to buy out organizers and get them to switch sides. Political shenanigans play a part when large sums of money can buy influence at a bigger rate than in the west. Sometimes money is given under cover of good intentions and spun by their generally poor quality media as being one thing, when it is another.

While bloated sickly western oafs live off hamburgers, frozen food, fast food, take out, processed food, and other disgusting rancid noxious non-food muck, these simple people can live off a small amount of protein. Various beans and a small amount of meat as well as fresh organic fruits and vegetables maintains a healthy diet. Longevity is clearly visible, as ancient elders with weathered, leathery faces smile as they tend their animals and walk the fields. There is no equality project in the communities. Aged hunched women carry vast baskets of crops, small children herd cows. Elders will sell fruit in the towns. Merchants of both genders (there are only two in these societies) move their substantial wares to and from market as a daily ritual. Despite their hardships, their eyes gleam and shine and they have huge grins and smiles on their faces. They are alive.

Whatever horrors befall western civilization, these people will survive the forthcoming collapse. Simple needs, healthy environments, hard work, resourcefulness, and their conventional social structure will prepare them well.

Western people may call them primitive, simple, and uneducated. When I walk the streets of urban Western Canada I see a high percentage of zombies, oafs, and uneducated fools. I see a preoccupation with idiotic vacuous distractions. I watch carefully for out of control raging zombies. I see shallow stupid people and lines of grey dullards. I see very few beaming smiles and many grim expressions. I feel like I live in Soviet times. Joylessness soullessness apathy abounds. People dress as if they just got out of bed at 1pm wearing bedwear, all things hanging out, complete with stains and tears. There is a distinct lack of personal pride and self respect. People race from A to B, as if time is an enemy, parking their car away into their personal cocoon, non-communicative and distant. I observe with my own eyes a slow collective death.

Prepare thyself well for what is coming.