(Pictured, Justin Trudeau with Hetero-hating Minister of Gender, Marci Ien.)

Justin Trudeau cultivates social chaos for the purpose of destroying our freedoms and controlling citizens of our country.

by Brad Salzberg


June 9, 2023

In no way is it a unique phenomenon. The modus operandi goes like this:

First, create the circumstances which assure a maximization of social consternation. Next, position government as the remedy for the so-called scourge on society. Finally, utilize media to position all forms of push-back as acts of “hate.”

No one in Canada plays this game better than PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

CAP offer two examples to illustrate. First, a social malady which government call “Islamophobia.” Witness as PM Trudeau floods Canada with Muslim migrants from fundamentalist Islamic nations. When Canadians refuse to buy all that Team Trudeau are selling— for example, resettlement of Syrian refugees— all forms of criticism are funneled into a category of hate.

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