James Dueck
Partly agree, partly disagree. The fact that some people died from the vaccine doesn’t negate the fact that nearly all the people who were hospitalized were unvaccinated or elderly. Getting Covid (especially an earlier version) was more risky than getting the vaccine, and not by… 
MarkFriesen The Grizzly Patriot
Why do you believe the contrived narrative the media put out. Are you unable to think critically? One of the draw backs of the jab is cognitive harm. Hmmm
Richard Beaunoyer
Do you have a link for this study ?
MarkFriesen The Grizzly Patriot
Where in my video did I refer to this as a study? It’s an FOI.
SLOBODIAN: They knew vaccines would hurt some people and tried to fool us
“Feds secretly strategized to control messaging on COVID vaccine injuries and deaths.”


  1. It’s not enough, sadly. Most of those that took the jab are no longer able to make such connections, anymore. This stuff does penetrate the blood/brain barrier, something Pfizer and affiliates have been doing with their meds for many years now (Look up the dangers of Lyrica, for instance). This stuff has been reprogramming people.

    One important distinction that should be made through all of this (and though it does not apply to 100% of everyone, I think the comment stands fairly well on it’s own); there is a considerable difference between the people who were jabbed and the people who weren’t. The ones who were not jabbed are mad at the fact this garbage is killing people. The ones who were jabbed were cheering on the idea that we, the unjabbed, should die.