Ryan Dutton, an EMT from Rescue Inc., prepares shots of the Pfizer COVID-19 booster vaccine during a clinic held at Leland and Gray Middle and High School, in Townshend, Vt., Sept. 20, 2022. PHOTO BY KRISTOPHER RADDER /THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

by Postmedia News

Toronto Sun

June 9, 2023

A secret Privy Council office memo recommended that any COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths be carefully managed with “winning communication strategies” as to not “shake public confidence,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

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  1. Here, lemme rephrase the headline:

    “Privy Council advocated downplaying COVID vaccine injuries or deaths so they would continue to get big pharma financial kickbacks while this continues to murder Canadians.”

    They murdered people for money. Just like the the Shermans. Just like the Nova Scotia shooting. Just like the forest fires that devastate air quality so people can develop health complications from that. Just like endless immigration flooding unwilling cities with murder. This is evil. They are evil. There really is no other way to describe this. They introduced something that killed people so they could make money.

    Note: They are claiming they knew as early as May, but the earliest signs that they knew this caused deaths was back in January courtesy of released emails showing that doctors were telling them this was killing people.