British Columbia’s Suicidal War on Nature from focus films on Vimeo.



  1. Lots of half truths in that radical fund raiser hit piece. The forest is trees that are farmed. The increase in CO2 in the air is causing rapid growth of all vegetation including trees. Bush roads now last only ten years before they are impassable. Wildfires near towns are the result of no forest rejuvenation, by fire or logging. Go to Barkerville. The place was completely denuded by the gold rush. Now the area has to be logged again to prevent fires from burning Barkerville to the ground. But activist like these numb minds convinced the government to impose “visual” indexes so that the forest fuel build up burns parks, forest reserves and nature does the highly visual forests in with fire anyway. Every time. Look at the south side of Francois lake. No logging so it burnt.