Edward Dowd of joins Shannon with devastating news on the chronic vaccine illness decimating the labor force. Also – prepare for IMPACT as an economic tsunami approaches. Everyone will be affected so get ready!!! Visit https://phinancetechnologies.com




  1. I have an older brother at 75 years old.He lives in Canada. At this present time, June of 2023, he is about to die in the next few weeks. In early 2021 he took 3 shots of the vaccines. They shots made him very sick each time he received a shot. I begged him to stop taking this crap, as it was obvious the vaccines were toxic. He did recover some what. About September of 2022 He took a booster shot. I asked him why did he do that. He told me CNN news said it was very safe. He is suffering from constant flue effects. His lungs are now bad, very brittle bones, blood clots. He has been in the hospital the past 2 months. today the nurse there said he will not make it to the end of this month. I live in South America. Down here many people who took the shots, and have the same issues with their health. The doctors here have been giving an injection of vitamin B complex. It has helped a lot of my wife’s family to get better, the brain fog goes away in a few months. They can function much better in their daily lives. It did help a lot here that much of the vaccines were not refrigerated for few days before being used. Down here most pregnant women are having miscarriage in their pregnancy , about the 4th month, the rest are being still born. Fast moving Cancers of all kinds are killing many people.The doctors here know what is going on, but fear reprisal from the government if they speak out about the side effects. Lots more going on, but most left unsaid. The nail that sticks out, gets hammered down. P/S I did not take these shots, anything Bill Gets is involved in can not be good.