A new hope, for justice

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

June 4, 2023


Not often does something come across my desk that surprises me, and impresses. I urge you to take a read through this resource and reflect on the root causes of the problems we have.


The global threat from the top 1% of the top 1% (a handful of families, who are conveniently listed in the link) are using various vehicles such as the WEF, UN, NATO, WHO, IMF and cover stories such as climate terrorism, green eco tyranny, and hypochondria to scale the life out of the masses.

It’s extremely complex, and even smart people are becoming distracted and confused, ranting about the rising threat of this “global communism”. Instead of communism, it’s a form of economic fascism to divest the profits of the world’s economic activity to a handful of super powerful parasites using a few higher up elites as the machinery to deliver this from a powerless slave mass. Stakeholder capitalism, rather than free market capitalism achieves this. Except the stakeholders are the elites, the parasites, and private companies (global, transnational, and pure evil).

So, the great rant seen in most alt-right mediums are off track a little. Sure, at the lowest end of the hierarchy, without a middle class, the parasites truly do want people to be powerless, feeble, sickly, weak, and begging. They want a communist peon class. They will all be equally poor, oppressed, and without power or representation. Being equally poor and owning nothing, you will live the communist nightmare. In the meantime, the parasites will fly around the world, eat caviar, chomp on buttery wagyu, drink champagne, and throw favors and scraps to the elites. The elites will do as directed because they will be in a privileged position, within a gnat’s hair of being thrown to the peons below. And the peasant class will have a certain way of dealing with any elites that fall into their clutches. The parasites will watch from above, in their alpine castles, sitting among their collections of fine art and $1,000 bottles of brandy. Or so they think.

In some ways, they’ve shown their hand too soon. Perhaps they thought the bioweapons (part 1 and 2) would have culled 90% of the population. Perhaps they thought we’d be more grateful. Maybe they assumed the cull would accelerate rapidly over the next couple of years, and to hell with caution. Their problem is that people are awakening, slowly, but when they awaken, they seem to grasp the entirety of what’s happening to them quite quickly. Most noticeably in the UK, but also in Germany, France, Serbia and other countries a strong anti-war sentiment is rising. People being trampled on and bled financially dry tend to get pissed off. There’s a small rising political objection in the US, but generally the US and Canada are too far removed from the heat of war. Canadians prefer to virtue signal, so the objection is slow to form there. In the US, everything is such a mess of total collapse people must be finding it hard to navigate through everything. Many of the parasites and elites had planned to escape to New Zealand. Maybe they need to change their plans. Also a certain V.Putin and the multipolar world (BRICS+) have thrown a spanner in their works. No doubt the mysterious white hat product called “omicron” messed things up, too. Acting a natural “evolutionary” vaccine of sorts.

What The New Blueprint for Humanity offers is hope, something we in The Resistance have been desperately in need of. I noticed that almost every point of every section of the proposal, I tend to agree with, or at least can see a justification and rationale for it. It’s not perfect, but someone put an awful lot of thought into it. It’s kind of a parallel version to the WEF’s repulsive transhumanist dystopian nightmare. You could line each section up to their plans, and find a working, more idealistic and frankly beautiful working alternative. Some of it does seem a bit idealistic, granted. But the core of the proposal is for an easier, more pleasant, coherent, and fair world. Regardless of any personal sacrifices we may have to make, the alternative to their future matrix-prison has to be more appealing. More people need to make smart, tough decisions that hurt their plans.

I look around and see global events, and all I can process is vile disgusting subhuman behavior. If the parasites and elites are sick of the degradation and entropy of modern civilization, and the fall of our society, then so should we be. We should simply declare that we have had enough. Our world and life as we know it goes to rack and ruin, our civilization collapses, and most people have their heads in the sand. We cannot carry them, this dead weight. We must speak up. We must act.

The violent crime, the state of insecurity in our cities, the lingering threat of faux “pandemics” and toxic debilitating injecticide, the propaganda media, the urban filth and squalor, the sexual degeneracy, the economic warfare, the attack on humanity, the lies and deceit, the permawar, and on and on.

We say enough. We must. We must speak out. There are costs to this, at work, socially, and in the family unit. Have you sacrificed yet? It is our duty now, a call to arms of sorts. Our weapons are our voices, our decisions, what we purchase, where we live, how we eat, and our activism. Every minute, every purchase, every conversation matters most. There has never been a more crucial time to make an effort. A renewed effort. A recharged, reenergized effort.


We have a great new hope. Seize the opportunity.