by Greg Reese Fox News

June 2, 2023

Biden appointed John Kerry as the first-ever US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate with a budget of a $14 billion and staff of 45 people. At a recent meeting of AIM for Climate, John Kerry thundered that farmers worldwide create one-third of global greenhouse gases, an amount that must come down if the world is to reach net zero emissions. Kerry tried to gaslight the public when he said, “we have to reduce emissions from the food system” to stop a 2º F temperature change. He is essentially calling for a reduction in food production to prevent hypothetical future starvation. The Netherlands is an example of attacking farming and the food supply in the name of climate.

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  1. Unfortunately, (pretty much) all this hysteria is the result of fraud, lies or science that is deliberately corrupted by funding, to the point it’s more dangerous than any established religion.

    Any politician that speaks like they know what’s best for you is working against you and wants you to die for their gain.

  2. Kuro-chan

    I 100% AGREE this is all a cult of hysteria to garner in a new global aristocracy. The problem is at this moment too many low info, irrational believe it. It’s gonna be a fight to beat these jerks back