by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

June 1, 2023

What Do You Know ? The Johnson Affair! Federal MP’s Agreeing With Me That Conflict Of Interest Matters!!!Now If They Would Stay Together Long Enough To Amend The Conflict Of  Interest Act So That No MP Who Is Found To Be In Violation of The Act Can Continue To Be An MP—That Would Really Be Something!!

It seemed like I was alone !

But suddenly when it starts to hit close to home , conflict of interest starts to matter . I mean , now,  don’t get too excited , they  never made it a confidence motion like they should —the NDP still wants to weld  power and have their cake and eat it too. But at least we now know some MP’s are —-awake——actually functioning.

My argument/position regarding the flawed National  Citizens Inquiry (notwithstanding the many great witnesses who appeared  and were unaware of the conflict) is vindicated when one sees that even all those who kept silent on the conflict of interest re: the Rouleau Commission , on Trudeau breaking the Conflict of Interest Law 5 times finally had enough. Of course, a lot of it is out of self interest . They can go on the campaign trail now and say they voted for Johnson to go. They are all for ethics.

But if they are really serious , those 174 MP’s , —they will amend the Conflict Of Interest Act to make it illegal for an MP Who Has Violated that Act to Sit in the House of Commons. Right now a law maker can be a law breaker!!

It didn’t take long for ‘the Johnson motion ‘ to get launched and voted upon .

Do the same now!!!To cover all MP’s. I have written to all Party leaders in the House of Commons months ago to do this. None have even responded.

And then we will know that the majority of MP’s have had a——‘Paul On The Road To Damascus Moment’ , and declared that Honesty has entered the Halls of our Federal Parliament.’

‘What a wonderful world this would be !’

Don’t forget the good Lord Chief Justice Hewart in 1924 before an English Court —almost 100 years ago said:

“It is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”.




  1. Dear Mr Peckford, I really do appreciate your honesty and integrity and your determination to make honest men out of politicians.Which has been an obvious up hill battle. But I do not agree with you on the NCI. I have now watched many hours of testimony and I have to say, Mr Buckley and his team have done, against all odds an incredible job bringing truth to the light. The truth that we now have from the inquiry is “connecting the dots” and it looks to me like all the missing info is in. Everything the Sham Trudeau inquiry has tried to hide is now exposed and can never be hidden again. If it wasn’t for these brave people who love truth coming forward with their testimony, we meaning Canadians and the world would still be in the dark. So thank you to Shawn Buckley and his team, Canadians owe you. God bless all you brave souls and keep you safe.
    Colleen Simmons Burns lk, BC.