by William Makis MD

May 30, 2023

Unless orange suitcases full of pre-filled out ballots show up at 3am, Alberta’s election has been comfortably won by Danielle Smith and the UCP party.

Requiring 44 seats for a majority, Danielle Smith’s UCP won 49 seats.

The communists won 38. They won 100% of Edmonton and 70% of Calgary but it was not enough.

Rural Alberta won the day and kept communism in Canada at bay. For now.

Jason Kenney’s COVID cabinet big pharma mafia is punished by Albertans

The media won’t say it, but an interesting pattern emerged tonight.

Jason Kenney’s Cabinet, which made catastrophic decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, was punished by Albertans tonight:

COVID Minister of Health #1 Tyler Shandro – is losing by 7 votes

COVID Minister of Health #2 Jason Copping – lost by 18% (protected NDP/AHS mafia)

COVID Minister of Mental Health Jason Luan – is losing by 1.3%

COVID Minister of Justice Kaycee Madu – lost by 14%

COVID Minister of Infrastructure Prasad Panda – lost by 1.2%

COVID Minister of Finance Travis Toews – resigned before election

My Take….

Alberta’s healthcare system is on the precipice. Run by WEF globalists through corrupt NDP bureaucrats, it consumes $23 billion a year which is 50% of Alberta’s annual budget. Here is Alberta’s most dangerous organized crime ring:

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