Public attitudes toward immigration in China make Canada look like a woke paradise. Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a damn.

by Brad Salzberg

May 29, 2023

“Along with the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, which imposed a head tax on Chinese newcomers to Canada, the racist 1923 legislation almost completely prevented people from China from entering Canada for 24 years.”

For PM Justin Trudeau, that pretty much wraps up the issue. It’s been his habit all along. Distill the situation down to its most base element, eschew historical context,  present the most superficial of conclusions.

Like our PM’s Komagata Maru proclamation regarding racism against South Asians, the fine art of over-simplification has its purposes. It’s completely irresponsible, but what does it matter? PM Trudeau has elevated race to the top of our socio-political totem pole for a purpose. That the purpose is a pre-conceived advancement of social division in Canada is lost within his neo-communist narrative.

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