Get ready for this special live coverage of the most anticipated event of the year – the Alberta Election on May 29th, 2023!

Joining me is co-host Paula Lavigne as we start our analysis at 6 PM MT (8 PM ET), delivering real-time updates, insights, and results as they come in. It’s an epic showdown between Danielle Smith of The United Conservative Party and Rachel Notley of The New Democratic Party.

As Alberta’s future hangs in the balance, we’ll delve deep into the policies, pledges, and public sentiments determining this critical race. The Election is about more than just who will lead Alberta. It’s about how the election results will shape the province‚Äôs political landscape and influence the nation. Join us for insightful commentary, in-depth analysis, and riveting discussions as we track each development and its potential impact. Expect the unexpected, as we might have surprise guests sharing their thoughts and reactions in what promises to be an evening full of suspense and anticipation.

Don’t miss this captivating night of democracy in action! Join us as we watch history unfold. Tune in on Election Night at 6 PM MT/8 PM ET.