by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

May 29, 2923

In the polarizing divergent reality we live in many may now ask “how did you know the Covidiot19 non-vaccines were unsafe?

What went through your head as you heard about the first rumblings of “vaccines” produced in remarkably short timeframes with little clinical testing and vague mumblings from self-appointed health “expurtz” about their safety?

In the mass panic and hypochondria of covidiots wearing two masks, freaking out when someone came 1cm inside their precious 2m socialist distancing exclusion zone? People walking around pushing prams with babies wrapped in plastic bags? Screaming and yelling if you went the wrong way down the directional-arrow marked grocery store aisle?

In all of this insanity, what was your first immediate gut reaction to the new medical regime?

Mine was “not a chance in hell”.

I had spent months reading scientific research about immunology, virology, and other relevant subjects. I had read about the harmful effects of adjuvants reminded myself about Gulf War Syndrome, and as the vaccine rollout began, I learned about the paucity of the clinical trials, what NNV, AVV were and about various CD4 CD8 T cell potential damage to the human immune system. I learned what a killer cell did.

On the WHO website no less, we can find a public report entitled “Covid-19 vaccination can induce multiple sclerosis via cross-reactive CD4+ T cells recognizing SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and myelin peptides.” The WHO summary report can be found here:

The report was published in Multiple Sclerosis Journal ; 28(3 Supplement):776, 2022.

However, on the entry page there’s no mention of vaccine injury, so you have to dig deeper into the bodies of work using the link below and scrolling down. You certainly have to persevere and be a committed researcher to find the details. And this is not intended for laypersons to work through the risks and understand clearly. The obfuscation is evident.

Here you find two of the report referencing harms from covid-19 “non-vaccine” injury:

I will let readers work through this information themselves, as I am not medically or scientifically qualified to make a detailed technical analysis.

I often wonder, or more accurately, am truly incredulous, at the pro-medication crowd who insist on supporting the safe-and-effective mantra. Chanted monotonal, like deranged cultists deep in a trance like state.

Now they sit with heads in hands, wondering what they have done to themselves, or what has been done to them. They are deep in a personal and private state of despair. There’s nothing to support them, and no access to the vast medifasicst system that once told them stone-faced to accept the common ritual of the sacred serum. No counselling can offset the stress of panic, and nor is any offered. This is a personal battle the willingly injected normie hordes are going to have to work through themselves. I doubt they sleep well at night these days. Whereas we do not concern ourselves with such imagined horrors.

They called us names, science deniers, plague rats, the unclean, tinfoil hatters. On and on, demanding we be shut out of workplaces, grocery stores, transit, and put in jail or into detention centres for the unclean.

So what makes us such a divergent species, that we in The Resistance have collectively survived? In fact, with our sense of hindsight now proving us correct, we have increased our confidence in our judgement and decision making skills. Was it:

 A rushed vaccine?

Pushed hard, coerced?

Narrative shifting & changing, firstly just the very old, then the older, then the immunocompromised, then the 30-40, then youth, then children, then babies, and pregnant mothers?

The low ARR?

The negative NNV?

The low fatality rate? 

The rushed, manipulated clinical trials?

The incentives such as free burgers, fries, cookies?

The complete ban on open discourse?

The fact that coronavirus vaccines had never been successful?

The fact that no mRNA vaccine had been successful?

The ban on dialogue about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine?

The suppression of the role of vitamin D?

The steady flow of reported deaths and injuries?

The disappearance of Tiffany Dover?

I guess at some point we were aware of most of these factors feeding into our decision making. We were rational, considered, cautious and sentient. The type of personality and skills that make for a successful PhD candidate. Which, interestingly, was one of the classifications of the most unlikely people to comply with the medifascist regime’s demands. The sheep were just a horde of people who were panicking into rushing head first towards the cliff. Look at nature, stress a herd and see the reaction and behaviour. Plenty of interesting scientific research explains herd behaviour, even applying it to animals reflects on our society when triggered by external stimuli and perceived threats. There is little difference now, since we have degraded so much as a species many are barely indistinguishable from lumbering beasts. You may be more like me these days, looking more respectfully at wild animals with more respect and patience than for the violent, destructive, degenerate, selfish, bellowing mass of vile creatures that called themselves “human”.

That, and rhe street wise people who can look after themselves, and who do not trust authority figures.

You’re in good company.

Congratulations on diverging from the vast lumbering, mumbling, shuffling, low IQ mass of unthinking non-sentient hordes of husks.

They sit on the couch, holding their heads in their hands. Unable to work, unable to complete everyday tasks, hobbies and sports cast aside as they struggle even with daily chores.

We are divergent.



  1. As soon as they started the covid lockdowns and masks, I right away believed it to be a bio weapon. Of course my friends and family thought I was completely off my rocker, they probably all still do.

    How did I come to this conclusion you may ask. It had to do with a book I read about 30 years ago, I am not sure but think it was a Tom Clancy novel. The exact same thing was happening in the real world of what I had read about.

    The Barry/Honey Sherman murders was another one I figured was a pharma hit, or was it a Trudeau hit? I started to do a lot of research starting with the lockdowns. Of course what else did we have to do, locked up on the 16th floor wired to the internet in downtown Vancouver. Why is it that educated, smart intelligent people not research? Why Why Why?

    What all of a sudden made people think they could believe their government? Especially when we have never believed them. I still ask myself how did this happen? Was it the propaganda, or here is something else…..has everyone been hypnotised??
    Richard Bach who wrote Livingston Seagall, wrote Hypnotizing Maria, a very short read. In the book it talks about a pilot who helped a lady land a plane. The lady told reporters that she was hypnotized into a trance, otherwise there was no way she could land it. So if we think about it. Most of all our lives we make suggestions. Is it all these suggestions that have hypnotized the masses?
    Will they be able to pull off another plandemic?
    And what is the next false flag that is going to happen? It is coming.
    Why did the US make sure at least 50 senators have satellite phones?
    Keep up the writings Ricky, hopefully you are waking up more people…