(Image: Claudio Rais)

by Dr. William Makis MD


May 28, 2023

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, Big Pharma isn’t very concerned about the vaccine injured. They are collateral damage in a multi $100 billion profit scheme and their plight can always be blamed on Long COVID or Climate Change.

But they fear suicides. A COVID-19 vaccine injured person driven to suicide can do tremendous damage to the fraudulent COVID-19 vaccine narrative about “safe and effective”. Especially if they document their nightmare. Such is the case of Italian swimming champion Claudio Rais.

And he is not the only swimmer to suffer COVID-19 vaccine injuries, in fact, swimmers are dying suddenly in very high numbers now…

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  1. It’s not limited to swimmers, football (soccer) players, bus drivers, airplane pilots — it’s everyone that is dying suddenly. Some are given preferential treatment to the ‘dying suddenly’ theme than others.

    Makes you wonder what event in the last couple years that could be responsible for this unprecedented acceleration of people dying, huh…?