How did it come to be that Canada became converted to an anti-Christian society?

by Brad Salzberg

May 28, 2023

It’s a paradoxical situation which has yet to be understood by Canadians. Within our post-modern society and the institutions controlling it, chances are strong that it will never come to be comprehended.

CAP so desperately wish to understand: why is it that Canada’s controlling institutions– government, media and academia– maintain hostility toward the Christian faith?

Our prime minister certainly works out of this bag. Beneath the surface, Justin Trudeau’s primary social concerns maintain a commonality:

Abortion, Homosexuality, Pride Parades, Rainbow Socks, Euthanasia, LGBT, Transgenderism. All stand in contrast to principles of Christianity; all are the apple of Trudeau’s eye. In turn, mainstream media reflect the will of government.

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  1. Trudeau is being controlled by the globalists, ask Schwab. Trudeau is a gutless spoiled mindless individual going along for the ride. Venting his anger on Canadians who despise him for the reasons in this article.

  2. If Schwab was really in charge, we wouldn’t even know his name. He’s merely the face to direct our anger towards. The ones really behind all this have names we know nothing of.

    As for cleaning up house, the first target should be those that control Trudeau. Without them, the true incompetence of that thing will be too obvious for the state-controlled media to cover up.

    True Christianity is against the teachings of the current agenda, which is why they are deliberately trying to purge Canada of this, even though Canada was a traditionally a Christian nation. We can thank Trudeau Sr. for that course change which took this Canuckistan down this path of self-destruction. Eventually they will also target the faith of Allah, since they are also against this agenda-driven garbage. For now, it’s easier to have them banging their heads against each other so they are not paying attention to who the real threat is.

    Fun fact: This garbage we’re seeing today isn’t all that different from what was going on in Germany in the 1920s. That led to a book burning, which is historically (and willfully) misdirected. The book burning had to do with purging the degeneracy that had plagued Germany during that time and restore traditional values.