Comparing Canada to lockdown-free Sweden using OECD data

by Bruce O’Hara

May 26, 2023

Humanity has been living with disease pandemics for millennia. The norm in such situations was to quarantine the sick. To throw entire populations into quarantine was unprecedented in human history.

Though they’ve never admitted it to the rest of the world, we can be reasonably sure the Chinese Government knew that COVID had escaped from a Chinese lab. Given that, a certain level of blind, unreasoning panic on China’s part was understandable.

Some would argue that the Canadian Government, in copying China’s model of trying to rein in COVID with extended and draconian lockdowns, also surrendered to panic. Even if that were the case, the question remains: did Canada make the right call?

Among the countries of the West, only Sweden resisted the pressure to impose lockdowns.

For the first year of the pandemic, Sweden largely followed their preexisting pandemic preparedness plan. Schools were shut down only briefly. Masks weren’t pushed. Restaurants were never closed. The society-wide lock-downs that happened in every other Western country did not happen in Sweden.

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