by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

May 26, 2023

News broke that Restaurants Canada is asking the government to hold off on demands for repayment of loans handed out during the covhoax. They are looking for a 36-month extension to their repayment schedule.

Full report here:

“Restaurants Canada (RC) is calling on the federal government to adopt its Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) repayment proposal from RC’s 2023 Federal Pre-budget Submission.”

They whine that “thousands of small independent operators in our industry are at breaking point as a result of their CEBA debts”. Of course, this was never a concern as they begged for handouts during peak covhoax psychosis and mass hypochondria. Many were under the impression or perhaps self delusion that this debt being called in would never happen.

Further they complain that “many of our members are weighing their options to either remain open and continue incurring further debt, or close their businesses and file for bankruptcy.”

Much of this taxpayer’s money may never be repaid as the “Restaurants Canada survey has revealed that nearly 20 per cent of the restaurants that have yet to reimburse CEBA will not be able to repay it in part or at all given the state of Canadian foodservice.” So, dear taxpayer, write that off to government overspend and gratuitous financial decadence. The bankrupt don’t tend to repay.

My own commitment to stop spending at restaurants and take out from same has endured. Ever since the covhoax, I have refused to spend a cent at any restaurant establishment. That’s three years. During that time my embargo and sanction of that sector has denied them around $7,000 maybe more in discretionary spending. And I’m not alone. Many, many people I know not only got out of the habit of eating in restaurants, but took a stance on them due to the enforcement of the brutal health apartheid and medical fascist policies of the covhoax era. We do not forget easily nor forgive. I will not relent, and I will not give up until I see justice.

We tend not to forget such things especially when it turns out that the oppression was only introduced to promote dangerous noxious “vaccines” and had no basis in medical science. The health apartheid introduced solely to promote medical interventions as a coercion tactic had no basis in science. The health tyranny strategy failed to prevent infection or transmission. People were sold a real bag of garbage from their unelected “un-health expurtz”.

As Trudeau’s socialism continues to destroy the Canadian economy, how is that working out for restaurants? Obviously, the business closure rate speaks for itself. All that “free money” they received helped to boost inflation, which affected the economy, which is now showing in spending and boots on the ground in restaurants. Footfall is dwindling down to a few lumbering, shuffling, mumbling, mindless husks.

Now restaurants have the audacity to complain and beg regarding the “free money” they were given during the covhoax. This is the insanity of the delusional. Did they not think that judgement day would come around? It’s happening and it’s real. Judgement day is here. The restaurant bankruptcy rate will accelerate rapidly now.

My own lived experience through the disastrous covhoax included being fired from my job for not being willing to become a government/pharma industry lab rat. I didn’t beg for free money or handouts, I didn’t claim EI, I didn’t ask for any government handout. My wife took early retirement for the same reasons. We are not creatures to be used as experiments. We are independent, self-reliant, capable of our own decision making. We do not need government stooges, paid actors, charlatans and frauds to dictate to us. We never took part in the imposition of such abominable horrors upon others. We did not support it or encourage it and we did not tolerate it. Zero tolerance, no less.

Have these restaurant owners and now failed entrepreneurs ever wondered, as well as the economic household debt problems causing low football in restaurants, why so many of their loyal, blue haired, middle class, woke liberal customers aren’t visiting? They’re sick, too sick to work or leave the house, or unable to fully enjoy life. Or dead. Cold dead corpses that will never eat in a restaurant again.

We used to really enjoy life pre covhoax, enjoying food and wine on a patio, or a nice hearty meal in the depths of winter. But of course, we realized we could save money, defy the medical fascist system, and cook better food ourselves. We adapted to the new horrors the government and these ignorant, greedy, selfish health apartheid supporting people tried to impose on us.

One also wonders, is there an alternative bigger picture strategy to destroy all retail and service business? Are we not moving slowly into a western world where everything is depressing, miserable, and joyless, without soul or purpose? Those of us who study history and societal changes would point to the grim Soviet era. Line ups for a cabbage and a ration stamp of one turnip per person per month. No fancy restaurants to eat in. No warm cost steakhouse to eat in during winter sitting by a warm fire sipping a tasty beverage.

Exactly how is socialism and communism working out for restaurant owners? The policies of the Trudeau regime are destroying Canada step by step. Welcome to the new Soviet Canada.

The dead don’t eat…

Ricky Daytona



  1. The destruction of the Canadian Economy, yep dead people don’t eat. All this money loans for businesses was and is a scam. What did they expect. After the first lockdown we went out to restaurants more as we were trying to support them. Most restaurants are a couple months off of having to close in the best of times. When they refused to let the unvaccinated in, I wrote the association letters asking if they were off their rockers.
    The stupidity of it was so screwed up, I am surprised they lasted this long. You vaccinated can come in you must wear a mask to get to your table, you can take it off once you sit down. If you have to go to the bathroom you must put it back on because that virus is lurking at about 5 feet in the air. Oh and the staff did not have to be vaccinated. How anyone could have believed this shit is beyond me. I guess if your mind is so brainwashed you believe anything. Did the association email me back. Hell no.
    I myself have boycotted restaurants but when travelling, driving to travel does make it a bit difficult even when packing your own food.
    I will not get over what the restaurants did, and quite frankly they are getting everything they deserve. When they started this program I knew it would be a waste of money. Most businesses will never be able to pay it back. Another rip off for us tax payers.
    Is it not time that every person and small business start a tax revolt, lets stop paying taxes. Have you wondered where all the worker bees have gone.
    Well there will be some of us boomers that had our small one person business shut down even though I worked by myself. So no more job where I pay taxes. It will be cash under the table. I bet the underground market will grow tremendously now. How many people took early retirement? How many people do not want training on this Critical Race Theory bullshit, or this trans gender bull shit? Yes where did all the workers go….hmmm maybe they are too sick to work or eat from that bio weapon.
    I know quite a few that are to sick to work and their minds are not working very well either. So lets round up the 30% who are awake and not woke. It is time for another freedom convoy….
    Thank you Ricky for your writings, would love to meet you one day. Will be heading to the Okanagan for a brief visit on a road trip. Keep up the writings wake up more people, I do try my best to wake up people. I am at a point now when I see a person wearing a mask I walk up and say you know you keep wearing that mask and you will get lung issues and you will die. I can not hold back any more with the stupidity of it all. How many more people and young people need to die suddenly before they finally say it is the vaccine. Have a great week!