by American Faith

May 25, 2023

Target, the renowned retail giant, has reportedly initiated a swift change in policy regarding the display of its so-called “LGBTQ Pride” merchandise in select stores, driven by concerns of customer discontent.

In an attempt to prevent what insiders have dubbed a “Bud Light situation,” a nod to the backlash recently experienced by the beer brand following a promotional campaign featuring a transgender influencer, the retail chain has directed specific stores to relocate their Pride displays.

Fox News Digital cited a longtime Target employee revealing that a number of predominantly southern and rural outlets have been instructed to move Pride-themed sections.

These merchandise displays, typically stationed prominently at store entrances in anticipation of June’s Pride month, have been relegated to more inconspicuous areas.

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  1. “Customer Discontent” is putting it mildly. From what I can tell, there is a huge campaign against Target now like there was with Bud Light. Company value is down at least 10 billion (and apparently another billion as of early today).

    This whole thing is such ideology b.s., it actually hilarious to watch. It’s religion to the point of total droneism: You get your sermon from your woke preacher, you push your views on everyone else, they don’t agree and decide to fight back. No one is learning from the previous disasters of anyone that tries to push this nonsense. The idea appears to be, if they keep pushing at it hard enough, somehow we’ll eventually start complying with this collective mental illness.

    I can’t wait for this mentally illness to be eventually given protected status and jail time is set for anyone who speaks against it. Elements of that is already starting to show up on Canuckistan.