A public inquiry is unnecessary because “much of it would have to be held in private due to top secret information,” says Special Rapporteur David Johnson.

by Brad Salzberg


May 24, 2023

As published this week by The Telegraph in the U.K., a Quebec charity suspected of hosting two secret Chinese overseas police stations has received $4.45 million from Canada’s Liberal government over the past three years.

According to “Special Rapporteur” David Johnson— former member of the Trudeau Foundation and long-term Trudeau family friend — a public inquiry “is unnecessary because much of it would have to be held in private due to top-secret information.

CAP has little doubt regarding the “top secret” element of the investigation. Our 35-years as a Liberal Party-Chinese Government watchdog organization concludes that top secret information has been controlling Liberal Party politics for the past half-century.

Former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau began China’s infiltration of Canadian society in the late 1960’s. Brought to its apex under current PM Justin Trudeau, former Governor General David Johnson was brought in to maintain a covert Liberal-China relationship dating back at least 50 years.

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