(Pictured, David Johnson with the President of China)

Can a political party form a federal government without China backing the winners? If not, then democracy in Canada is dead.

by Brad Salzberg


May 23, 2023

All common sense Canadians knew it would happen:

David Johnston says he has concluded that a public inquiry on Chinese Election interference would not be the “best way forward because he has been able to review all the relevant facts and a commissioner leading a public inquiry would essentially be duplicating his efforts.”

A pile of hokum it is.

In 1974, David Johnston was appointed Dean of the University of Western Ontario Law School, after which he was elevated to become Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University in Montreal.

It was during his time in that role that he became acquainted with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau, as the Johnston children played with the Trudeau children when the families vacationed in the Laurentian mountain area.

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