Exposing School Board Censorship: Fascist Dictatorships

Due to the radical LGBTQ sex activist’s aggressive agenda to infiltrate all levels of government and society at large, and bully citizens into submission, the radical 2SLGBTQ cult have overstepped and of their own doing, are at risk of setting themselves back 60 years and losing the public’s support. They were warned to back off and leave our children alone but they refused and now citizens in Canada, and globally, are done.

Pride month (now extended to Pride “Season”) is nearly here and it is time to defend the Human Rights of the Canadian ‘majority’, so as to allow them to live free of harassment from these activists. The 2SLGBTQ agenda is causing harm to children, monopolizing the public’s attention and robbing Canadians of their hard earned tax dollars to fund their multi-billion dollar campaigns. Enough is enough!

Action4Canada, citizens and other organizations are working together to express legitimate public opposition at school board meetings. This is resulting in school boards censoring people and shutting down in person meetings. However, there are also positive results such as when public backlash in Ontario led to a trustee, who had made hateful comments, resigning. In BC several other trustees are stepping down because they can’t handle the heat. Action4Canada is also applying pressure, and having an impact in many school districts nationwide, by serving the SOGI123/Wynne Notice of Liability. See examples of stories below.

We are gaining back ground that the enemy has stolen but we still have much work to do and we need the continued active support of Canadians. Scroll down for Action Steps you can take to help us win the battle!

The Dangers of Affirming Gender Dysphoria

When: Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST Register in Advance.
Schedule Change: 4:30pm PST – A4C Orientation; 4:45pm PST – Tanya’s update; 5pm PST/8pm EST – Empower Hour guest segment

Special Guest Dr. Ann Gillies joins Tanya to discuss the dangers of affirming gender dysphoria. Aside from the obvious psychological and physical harm to children there is also growing concern that by sexualizing children you break down their natural barriers, creating either victims or future predators. The WEF and UN are committed to “accelerating” LGBTQ inclusion initiatives and proudly claim that “40%” of “Gen-Zer” (born 1997-2012) now identify as LGBTQ. This is a direct result of indoctrinating children in the education system and via targeted social media campaigns.

It is long overdue for Canadians to adamantly put their foot down and say NO to the Gender Ideology cult. Learn more about our guest and share this Empower Hour invite HERE.