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State of the Nation

May 20, 2023

Submitted by The Armchair Conspiracy Realist

Make no mistake, whatever appears on any VIP’s Wikipedia page is what the New World Order globalist cabal is most concerned about … in either a positive or negative way.

Therefore, it’s very important to note that recently deceased Dr. Rashid Buttar’s Wikipedia page begins with the sentence shown above which states: “who is a known anti-vaxxer”.

It should also be pointed out that his Wiki page ends with a sentence that begins with: “Buttar promotes anti-vaccination videos sold by Ty and Charlene Bollinger…..”

If there’s anything that the NWO cabal detests, it’s any medical professional who obstructs to any degree their ‘sacred’ Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

However, these genocidal globalist maniacs know full well that they cannot outright murder every anti-vax doctor or scientist on the planet.  Hence, they simply target a much respected and high-profile anti-vaxxer within the national healthcare community, and knock him off.

Why else would a 57-year-old holistic doctor like the courageous Rashid Buttar die so suddenly and prematurely?!

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