“More than 400 pupils at one of London’s largest elementary schools stayed home on a day when the Rainbow Flag flew across the school district.”

by Brad Salzberg


My 19, n2023

Time was when media in Canada delivered news to the people of our country. That was then, this is now. Today, media are at war with the people of our country. No element of press presentation embodies this transition more than the rise of LGBT politics.

“The confrontation came after social media posts indicated far-right figure Josh Alexander would be appearing outside Western Canada High School to peacefully oppose what he calls threats to students posed by their transgender classmates.”

16-year old Josh Alexander is hardly a far-right figure. Expelled from school for standing up to LGBT indoctrination, young Alexander is more of a victim than the trans-pushers ever could be.

One must understand the way the trans-crowd roll. Every piece of push-back against the ideology constitutes an “act of hate.” There is no middle ground in LGBT-land. It’s why CAP coined a term for these types: “Pink Fascists.”

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  1. Looks like a little bit of fighting back has started:


    These days, students can receive a far better education through websites and videos teaching about math, language, reading and writing, home economics, phys-ed, history, the list goes on. Teachers have been reduced to propagandists, don’t actually serve the students and are replaceable, now. I recall in my religion class the teacher there was actually promoting going out in protests that supported his leftist views. If I had the consideration of today rather than the ones in my teens, I would left class to get an appointment with the principal or v.p. to file a formal complaint for wasting class time pushing a specific political agenda.

    I know from my own experiences, I am far better educated now than I was when I was going through high school. Amazing how much better you can think for yourself and learn stuff when you aren’t being bombarded with endless propaganda, lies and other pointless garbage.

  2. Kuro-chan

    I agree with you totally.

    Western world public education has been reduced to sheeple programming and liberal/progressive propaganda. Teachers have been compromised by their liberal, Marxist indoctrination and their growing perversions including constant on sexuality, notably homosexuality. THIS WILL IF NOT STOPPED ASAP! Leading to decriminalization and/or legalization of pedophillia. All too many teachers are now perverts or enablers with virtue signalling being their cause. They enjoy lying to and pushing transsexualism onto minors because these youth will be confused, easier to manipulate and more entertaining sexually to these perverts and pedophiles.

    MARK MY WORDS IT STOPS WITH THE KIDS! THEY WANT SEX OBJECTS AS KIDS FOR EASY MANIPULATION AND SEXUAL ABUSE! They also love the idea of legalizing drugs to be used as a tool to draw ‘troubled and confused’ kids into this perverted field of their endeavour.

    MY QUESTION TO ASK ALL CANADIANS IS HOW FAR WILL YOU/WE GO BEFORE WE PUT A STOP TO IT ALL! OR DO WE JUST SACRIFICE OUR YOUTH! Oh as to sacrifices of youth once these perverts of which many are in public school teaching, universities, politics and mainstream media get pedophillia legalized they will move onto child sacrifices. I mean they want MAID to be extended to mature minors over even mental health issues. ASK YOURSELVES DOES THIS SEEM RIGHT?

    Some of you are thinking I’m nuts, well JUST WAIT AND SEE! If we as a society are to protect youth from before birth right up to adulthood, will we abandon this ideal to fit in, to not rock the boat of a growingly perverted public opinion in Canada and the western world?