by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


May 18, 2023

Is This Guy Poilievre For Real ?

I mean what ever you think of Trudeau picking his buddy Johnson to recommend whether an Inquiry is needed into the Chinese ‘infiltration ‘ issue , not to find time to express face to face his misgivings , not just to the media , but to Johnson himself shows cowardice and/or incompetence.

Why give the NDP, The Bloc and the Liberals themselves a reason to attack the Conservatives.

If it was I , I would have embraced it with bells on and afterward to be able to say to the press I told Johnson , one on one , what I thought of his appointment.

Many so badly want to get rid of Trudeau that they will overlook any flaw that Poilievre may have that really speaks to whether he has what is takes to be PM. Judgement seems in short supply.

Some examples : no where to be found during Truckers Convoy in Ottawa, uses Trudeau like words to criticize his own caucus members who had the audacity to meet an European MP freedom fighter, appoints as his leader in the House of Commons an former leader who was disgraced with his unethical behaviour.

He has never answered my e-mails to him on a new Emergencies Act (remember it’s his party that introduced the present flawed Act) another on amending the Conflict of Interest Act ———

This is an opportunist if ever there was one . And to be only a few points ahead in the polls given what Trudeau ‘s Liberals and the Socialists have done to this country? Obviously many are uneasy.

Who wants just another name , another colour —- the same old politics of the entrenched interests in central Canada—car plants , pharmaceuticals and the anti fossil fuels cabal —-and political correctness—appeasement to the woke agenda as witnessed in opposition to the European MP ‘s visit .



  1. He won’t answer my emails either because I ask questions about the application covid lockdowns and why the Conservatives aren’t talking about the things that were sooo wrong.

  2. No. I’ve been saying for 1+ years the imbecile is a complete fraud (but far be it for anyone to listen to a damn thing I EVER say). When I saw the happy-go-lucky small PP and Gill Bates all buddy-buddy together, that was all the proof I needed that he was completely bought and paid for. A corrupt politician will always be a corrupt politician. This is why allowing money into politics only results in the worst of existence being attracted to it.

    This is why, even though I’m not 100% sold on the guy, that Bernier must win the riding in Manitoba. Never have we needed a voice in Ottawa that isn’t just narrative dribble, pointless word salad and all the usual do-nothing **** that continues to make the whole kabuki theatre pointless and irrelevant. Why not just ask questions about the PM’s favourite socks, while they are at it? It’s about as useful a question as everything else, given how they are permitted to dodge answering any and all questions like they have been for years, now.

    But, sadly, Bernier will never be allowed to win. The rig is already in for the CON guy. And if the rig, by some miracle, is not enough, he will get Sherman’ed. Sad, but true.

  3. prudent words from the great peckford , i have yet to hear this perrier guy talk about our constitution 1 time….

  4. Ah, poor, poor, ‘ole ex-premier Brian Peckford. He’s been out laying in the sun on his rocky pebble beach on Vancouver Island too long. Where he recently immigrated from (Newfoundland) any piece of gravel less than 2 inches in diameter, is considered to be a grain of sand. Now he keeps getting frustrated because he can’t even build a sand castle on the beach.

    For some unknown reason he intentionally chose to retire and live on Canada’s west coast, right in the heart of decadent, wasteful and irresponsible socialism. A place where nobody has to be accountable for any decisions and/or incompetence and continue to be supported by the “sheep” population who simply don’t know any better. Nor do they think it is necessary to do any meaningful work, know or do anything useful or do anything other than criticize and suck up the government bestowed living benefits.

    In addition, it appears that he’s been too close to the good ‘ole B.C. “bud” stuff and it seems to have affected his ability to think and say anything meaningful and/or appropriate. He just can’t seem to accept the fact that nobody has any reason to believe anything an ex-politician has to say,

    Mr. Peckford seems to forget that he is living off the overly generous indexed pension benefits he receives that is paid for off the backs of the hard working people and small businesses he left behind in Newfoundland. Pension benefits that he and his political party granted to themselves.

    Mr. Peckford always keep writing articles telling us what he would do. Yet, he never does anything. Sure, he attempted to challenge the Federal Liberal governments dictatorial and tyrannical measures enforced against honest Canadian citizens during the covid-19 flu medical health fiasco. However, he only did so because someone else was paying for the cost and time of the lawyers, witnesses and legal researchers who were doing that.

    If Mr. Peckford really wants to do something useful, why doesn’t he put his efforts and money to start supporting the men and women (and their families) in the Canadian Armed Forces, especially those who have actually served their Country and are now suffering from various physical and mental disabilities? There are thousands of them, Mr. Peckford.

    Why doesn’t Mr. Peckford put his money where his mouth is and start doing something trying to help the millions of Canadian small business men and women who lost their livelihood because of the stupid, tyrannical and dictatorial policies of the various Federal and Provincial political “goons” during the recent covid-19 flu fiasco?