A heartfelt open letter from Doctor Robert Malone, one of the ‘inventors’ of the COVID mRNA ‘vaccine.’ Once a Democrat supporter, but I guess he’s seen enough – Byron Christopher

by Robert W. Malone MD, MS


May 16, 2023

Back in 2016, I believed that the Steele report was, for the most part, real. I believed that the FBI found compelling evidence that the Russians worked with the Trump organization. So many seemingly precise but faked details. Details, upon details, upon details. Then the Mueller investigation. More Russian disinformation. I believed it because both the corporate media and our government institutions of power were telling us it was true.

Yesterday, we learned from the Durham Report, produced by special counsel John Durham, that most likely it was Clinton and the DNC who worked with the Russians to produce the Steele report. We learned that the usual standards and procedures that the FBI uses were discarded when investigating Hillary Clinton’s server mishaps, the Clinton Foundation, The Steele Dossier and the DNC. We also learned that the FBI disregarded normal procedures when investigating Trump. In his case, they used biased informants, didn’t verify documents (such as the Steele report) and generally were out to get him. Which means Trump wasn’t lying or being paranoid when he said the deep state was out to get him. They were and still are out to get him. He still isn’t lying about that. At this point in time, I am trying to sort out the who, what and where. Frankly, I don’t think anyone can ever sort it out. For instance, main stream media spent the night writing hit pieces on the report, to allay the fears from the liberal side leaning that the report was an indictment against Clinton or the DNC. But it is clear, I believed the lies from the DNC, Clinton and the FBI, and I was duped.

I completely lost faith in the Democratic party years ago. Furthermore, when I look back on their track record over the past decade, I realize that what I believe is good governance, is not how they govern. They have become everything I abhor. Their positions on war, education, urban policy, agriculture, big pharma, big tech, common decency, censorship, propaganda, medicine and regulatory capture – I can’t support any of it. Nothing that has happened over the past two years has made me change my mind about the democratic party. This is not the “Kennedy” democratic party, and there is no going back to the way things once were. Those days are gone.

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  1. And up here, we can’t believe a single thing they say about Russia, since Freeland has had this thing about destroying Russia for over 30 years now. Freeland is going to end up getting us all killed over some petty concept of personal vengeance which is not worth it, no matter what.

    When Russia has finally has had enough of this nonsense and decides to use something resembling real against Ukraine to clean up the mess (Anyone who believes they are actually using their main forces or that they are being defeated, close to surrendering, running out of missiles, ammo, tanks, etc., please refer to above comments), they are going to be turning their attention to NATO. That includes us, since we have been sending money, weapons, trainers and likely have forces in there right now fighting against that that we haven’t been informed about (Which would also lead to me to believe that it is impossible for Russia to lose since our forces suck, badly). Now that they likely have a radioactive cloud over eastern Ukraine that will eventually spread to Germany and Poland, I highly doubt Zelensky will ever return there.