Media intentionally bury the power of the ethnic vote, depicting the communities as powerless sufferers instead.

by Brad Salzberg 

May 16, 2023

How often it is that media perspectives from beyond a nation’s borders speak of the reality of a circumstance eschewed by domestic media.

Such is the phenomenon that has gone through the roof since Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada in 2015. Steeped in a form of neo-communism, Trudeau’s backroom strategists understand that to control the public a government must control a nation’s media.

The most comprehensive media pay-off in Canadian history from the Trudeau government attest to the circumstances. The result being monolithic media presentation dedicated to obfuscation of socio-political reality.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star: all are working to keep the Liberals in office for a basic reason— that’s where the funding is. A transition to a federal Conservative Party government means a loss of billions in government funding.

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  1. Funny, I thought it was fraud that kept Trudeau in power and no one has the courage to call out the callous b.s. The ethnic vote is a convenient smokescreen to keep the peasants at each others’ throats, instead of going after their common enemy: The dictatorship.

    The foreign money started rolling in by the triple-million digits after that obscenity became the Lieberal party leader, so by 2015 we conveniently had the obscenity claiming to be the next so-called government. That magical amount of surplus foreign money was likely a contributor to the obscenity buying 2015 and starting us down the dark path. We had the Sherman murders during that term, which would have likely interfered with the obscenity’s political career (and upcoming scamdemic designed to make it pocket countless dollars). 2019 always bothered me; it was declared (SUPER quickly, I might add) that there was no foreign interference, as if it was projecting where you were supposed to be looking while not looking at possible local/national interference. There was also the mess with elections canada pushing out ads that were deliberately demonizing the Conservative party (For the record, shy of being somewhat supportive of PPC, I am technically politically homeless). In 2021, we had 200k ballots never counted and the media pre-declaring who would ‘win’ ridings before a single vote was counted. Did 2021 even happen or was it total kabuki theatre?

    It’s so convenient how the setup suited the agenda perfectly, isn’t it? I doubt we’ve had anything resembling a legit government for a long time. The establishment cried and screamed about one riding under Harper’s tyranny, but not so much as a chirp when Trudeau does it 338 times worse.

  2. Trudeau had 33% of the popular vote last time??? What ethnic vote?? They bought off the NDP leader Jagmeet and his own ethnic Sikhs/Indians were furious at his betrayal. Many Sikhs at protests across the country against Trudeau.