by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


May 16, 2023

Do You Find This As Incredible As I Do —We Have To Send Cancer Patients To The ‘Terrible’ US Health System

If I have heard it once I have heard it a million times whenever I speak of the US.

You mean where they have that awful health system . Ours is way better than their system . Wouldn’t want to live there . I have heard it very recently.

Well , Lo and behold —-NDP, left wing wing , public health care advocates extraordinaire , the BC Government , has to finance BC Cancer patients to the US for cancer treatment.

We cannot do it here in Canada.

How come Washington State has the capacity to handle out of country cancer patients ?

One would think think listening to my fellow Canadians that the US would be sending patents for treatment here, not the other way around.

The Times Colonist newspaper in Victoria , BC reports reports :

‘ B.C. Cancer will start sending eligible breast and prostate cancer patients to Washington state for radiation treatments beginning at the end of this month as part of a two-year temporary initiative to reduce wait times.

Patients will be offered the choice of going to one of two clinics in Bellingham — at Peace Health St. Joseph Cancer Centre and the North Cascade Cancer Centre — starting May 29.

Patients will have all costs related to their treatment covered, including travel, meals and accommodation, through B.C. Cancer and the Provincial Health Services Authority, B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix said at a news conference Monday.’

Put that in your credibility pipe and smoke it!!!

How much extra will all this cost?

No doubt the funds will come from the carbon tax .

But wait , we have a deficit —so we will have to borrow the money or take it from some essential program —because remember every one of our programs is essential.

And to top It all off: The Canadian patient has a —-wait for it CHOICE —-of two different US Health Facilities ——-remember we use to have such a word in Canada once about time.



  1. I would be curious to know if there are a lot more people going to the US for the cancer treatment, compared to 3 years ago. These jabs have active ingredients that promote cancer and immunosuppressants that prevent your body from dealing with cancer cells, causing people with existing problems, remissions, or maybe something that was benign to go into full-blown stage 4 / terminal. BC is one of our provincial hotspots for pushing the toxic concoctions, after all.

  2. This is a classic example of just how stupid and wacky the various provincial governments in the Province of British Columbia are, and how they represent the people who are stupid enough to vote for them. There clearly is a lower mentality loss among the people who vote for these unqualified politicians and their governments.

    As if the imposition of the ever increasing costs of a “carbon tax” wasn’t stupid enough, the current provincial government (NDP) is now sending B.C. citizens requiring surgical treatments to health care facilities located in a foreign country. It’s a clear example of the old tried and true political process. Create a self-serving “problem” and then convince the citizens that you know how to “solve” the problem. Regardless of whatever the solution might cost in lives, suffering and costs.

    In 2009, a Dr. Brian Day was operating a “private” health clinic in Vancouver, named Cambie Surgery Center. The government of the day (Liberal) wanted him to close his “private” clinic because the government health care unions were upset. He refused, the B.C. government (Liberals) pursued charges against Dr. Day’s clinic and the Court battles started. The primary issues were that Dr. Day’s clinic was operating outside of the provisions of the Canadian Health care legislation even though his clinic was actually supplementing medical services to lessen a backlog of medical surgery for B.C. citizens.

    In fact if you were a “preferred and entitled” union government employee or an incarcerated prisoner you could get medical services from Dr. Day’s clinic. However, if you were an “average” and ordinary tax paying working person, you were forced to bear the long wait times in the public health care system.

    Dr. Day was attacked by the provincial government and local media for his attempts to provide medical services to the average, every day citizen. He sued the B.C. government, and lost. He Appealed that decision. Finally, in 2022 the B.C. Appeals Court ruled against Dr. Day. He filed an Application for an Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). In April 2023 (14 years later) the SCC refused to hear his Appeal.

    Now, because of the B.C. government’s (NDP) stupid, self-serving dictatorial and cruel mandates during the great Covid-19 flu fiasco there is now an even greater backlog of medical surgery requirements for B.C. citizens. However, the NDP government in it’s infinite wisdom (sarcasm), rather than use local in B.C. “private” health care facilities, employing local B.C. already medically trained citizens, to alleviate the backlog of surgery cases, the inept B.C. government is spending even more money to send B.C. citizens to a foreign country for their surgery requirements.

    As a result, the citizens being sent out to a foreign country for their surgeries are being required to travel, eat and live apart from their supporting families. Any responsible medical person would quickly tell you that it is far better for a person who is recovering from an invasive surgical procedure and subsequent treatments to be with their own family support units.

    However, it is now a well known fact, unfortunately, that as a result of the recent Covid-19 flu fiasco, the provincial Chief Medical Officer and her cadre of government staff are not known for their rational and reasonable decisions when it comes to the health requirements for B.C. citizens.