It’s a massacre

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

May 14, 2023

Whatever direction you look, it appears humanity is being massacred in various ways, and is under attack from various weapons in various forms.

We’ve just gone through the horrors of the combined Bioweapon #1 and Bioweapon #2 attacks. David Martin gave his usual fantastic overview at the International Covid Summit III, European Parliament, Brussels, starting around 13 minutes:

This is easily shareable for your normie friends, and it might help open a few more eyes as people slowly begin to doubt the story they were told in the mainstream narrative. It’s also a good fresh reminder for us all just how evil and well planned this has been. I think we’re starting to forget this as the cabal moves us forward into other stages of their great plan. Distraction strategy by a moving feast of chaos and madness.

Bioweapon #1 definitely took a toll on the older demographic, with the combination ventilator/remdesivir/midazolam attacks at the medical death factories. Other than that, it was pretty much a damp squib, but it served to open Pandora’s Box for Bioweapon #2 to cause major damage to humanity. From the various harms, hospitalizations, disabilities, deaths, and now the still rising all-cause mortality in every highly medicated nation. The herd of shuffling non-sentient normies don’t even have any awareness of this. They are too busy, distracted and hoping for the best after their self-poisoning, heads down, trying to stay well enough to undertake basic human functions.

A slow burning massacre doesn’t really cut it, because it doesn’t have the vital level of immediate horrendous impact. But a long burning silent weapon for a quiet war, well that certainly plays a role in the destruction of humanity. Observing that rising all-cause mortality is interesting, seeing the acceleration of the vast cull of the deluded and in-denial stupid.

In many other ways we are under attack from reduced freedom of speech, lack of genuine democracy, abysmal political representation, mass psychosis from the transgender horrors, promotion of pedophilia, to name just a few attacks.

Financially and economically, we are under attack from rising cost of living, inflation, climate hoax taxation, ESG new green deal costs, banking crises, currency crises, government debt, public debt, and much more.

Our lives are slowly changing for the worse as these attacks creep forward. Make no mistake, in most western nations, your personal finances are being slowly massacred.

On a global stage we have the horror of the threat of WW3 hiding behind the curtain waiting to be exposed and launched on society. The Ukraine proxy war sucks public coffers dry, and greedy governments beg for more donations from their half-asleep masses. In the UK, the government is pushing forward with plans to reduce the armed forces to a new low of 70,000 – barely enough to maintain a standing army capable of defending the nation from attack. Most certainly, unable to launch any sort of critical mission on foreign lands. Russia and China must be monitoring this closely.

Make no mistake that this is a psychological attack on the consciousness of humanity. Add the dark cloud of a China-Taiwan war hanging over our heads like a black cloud, and we can see just how truly dark and evil these times are. Russia is likely dismantling NATO capability (and in the process EU and US capability and resources) as a big favor to China, who are no doubt constantly moving the needle on their timer for an assault on Taiwan. I would speculate that Taiwan may look at the west and realize the lack of support, in light of the Ukraine shambles that is more likely to result in a repeat of Vietnam or Afghanistan these days. What chance of Taiwan looking to the east for solutions, and quietly acceding to China’s absorption, over time. There must be a sense of self preservation and practicality involved.

On the medical stage we still have the lingering threat of mandates and medical treatments (the Canadian Federal Liberal Party still has a mission to relaunch various oppressive measures on the public if it is re-elected. It seems quite incredulous that such totalitarian now-disproven nonsense would be swilling around in the political realm 3 years after the start of the ridiculous, farcical, cov-hoax pantomime.

Proof of Vaccination

The WHO is hustling the world for its Pandemic Treaty medical fascism fraud. “Xi-entists” still occasionally fills newspaper pages and provide doomy TV soundbites with threats and warnings of new imagined pandemics (Marburg or a weaponized avian flu look like the best bets right now if you fancy putting money on them). Look, a convenient PCR distribution contract:

Of course, intense vaccine research is ongoing. Just in case:

In terms of nutrition, farming is under attack, and we are told regularly about some health or food crisis of some sort on a daily basis. Eggs are dangerous, so the self-proclaimed corporate sponsored “expurtz” say. Warnings of food supply issues and recommendations to eat bugs and lab meat start to fill the mindspace. The vulnerable shuffling low IQ masses, cognizant of the climate crisis hoax, now feel a sense of guilt if they don’t cut down on meat consumption or order the plant-based burger first offered to them at their local greasy fast food joint.

Going back to the global aspect, we have the emerging silent war of the multipolar world order rising to eviscerate the western unipolar world. What is so strange about this, is that it seems to offer at very least some optimism in this sad, dour worldview we are seeing in the west. Generations of oppressed people in the east and global south have had no sense of escape from their oppressed lives. War, economic destruction, conflict and poverty have haunted them seemingly forever. Children born as a new generation without hope. It’s almost as if the western system has two goals – maintain poverty, war and conflict, and use “aid” as a system to extract money and maintain the slush fund of grift and profit. Imagine someone stepping up, brave enough to say “no”. There is another way. Someone with a resounding sense of bravery, almost as if standing up to a bully. Someone willing to act as a keystone to stand up against everything the collective west can align against them.

Peace, cooperation, trade, prosperity, national sovereignty, and a genuine sense of caring for the people of the multipolar world are the primary goals. We see that Sunni and Shiite muslim nations are working together cooperatively, after decades of conflict. Anyone wishing to dive deeper into this can research for themselves just how truly remarkable this achievement is.

The Arab League looks forward to welcoming Syria back after 12 years away. What you CAN guarantee is that western media voices will always put a negative spin on these changes. Note how this article pulls at the vulnerable heart strings of the typical masked, be-jabbed, liberal voting reader. Using the sentiment of “refugees” to trigger the purple hairs:

You can interpret the Arab League as a sub-component of the multipolar world, a small cog, which is building up ancillary relationships and starting to take a more pivotal role on the global stage. It has the chance to create new foundations, pretty much starting afresh. One reason for this is nations casting off their fears of the US, EU and other western organizations. Without fear of sanctions, blackmail, and deliberate funding cut offs they can start to create economic structures that benefit their own people. Africa and South America are prime for this opportunity. Ecuador just recently signed a free trade agreement with China, hedging its trading relationships between the US and China. When fear goes, so does respect. After some political agitation in Chile to install a leftist neo-liberal agenda, social factors (in other words the social impact of new liberal socialism such as increased crime and economic reversal) now see the signs of a move back to the genuine right. Columbia is seeing more discontent with the neoliberal leftist government of Gustavo Petro, as his ragtag leftist alliance now faces the grim reality that he likely can’t deliver on election promises. It’s always harder to achieve progress using other people’s money.

Overall, an increasingly irrelevant US with a currency being slowly decimated, devalued, and chopped into confetti is being seen as a weakened oppressor. Power and influence raises, and also falls. The basement dummy and his woke, insane, babbling cronies are now a global laughing stock. What will become of the petro-dollar?

On the world stage, as the peoples of the west are being attacked on two levels, by their neoliberal governments and by an assortment of quangos and NGO’s, the other 80% of the world see a rising opportunity for greater peace and prosperity, and better nationalist representation on all levels.

One of the most difficult challenges for people of the west is to put themselves in the shoes of the people of the east. When the west (primarily the Satanic insanity of the US government) exports transgenderism, homosexuality, pedophilia, unisex military, forced medications, and raging deranged green haired frothy mouthed liberal psychosis, all massed together under the banner of rainbow flags it’s not a very attractive offering to the east. Social collapse, racial division, economic destruction of its own society, poor education, frayed infrastructure, military failure, rising indebtedness, and generally low social motivation are being politely declined. Collapsing societies in tatters don’t look good, whereas a chance to rebuild a country, improve the economy free of hegemony and the expansion of empire look good. Retaining your sense of nationalism, without having to sell out your moral integrity is very appealing. Notwithstanding that China made some very negative impacts with its rollout of the belt-and-road initiative, it seems they are now learning from that and creating more cooperative projects and relationships. The multipolar world offers hope, and this is a very powerful basic human emotion. You can align yourself to hope and rally to optimism, and you can give credence to finally giving the playground bully a good beating. Who really wants fear, misery, suffering, poverty, social collapse, war and servitude? As I look around I can’t find anything positive and optimistic that western governments are offering us. I despise everything they stand for these days.

We are under attack, for sure. The massacre is taking many forms but it is a real and evolving thing. People are feeling this genuine and real sense of assault in many ways.

Take care. The west is being massacred.

Ricky Daytona