Trudeau employs classic communist methodology in Canada’s conversion to an authoritarian state.

by Brad Salzberg

May 14, 2023

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre denounced Canada’s new passport designs in the House of Commons this week, charging PM Justin Trudeau with attempting to erase Canadian history.

He’s right. Fathers of Confederation— gone. Vimy Ridge— vamoose. Iconic Canadian Terry Fox— not to be found. While Canadian media fret over these facts, essential elements of the picture are being kept from the purview of general society.

It comes in the form of conversion– a calculated transition of our nation into a condition no Canadian asked for, or approved of. CAP speak of the structure found in authoritarian states. By way of  Justin Trudeau, this has now arrived in Canada.

Karl Marx conceptualized these ideas in his 1867 publication Das Capital, ideological foundation for conversion to communist statehood. In his classic book, 1984George Orwell reminded us that “who controls the past controls the future.”

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