For the past eight years PM Justin Trudeau has shamelessly thrown himself at the feet of Canada’s largest and most powerful ethnic communities.

by Brad Salzberg

May 13, 2023

“The federal opposition Conservatives have widened their lead over other parties when it comes to ballot support and leadership, with the minority Liberals now threatened in areas that were strongholds for them in the previous election.”

Canadian pollster Nick Nanos pointed to ridings in the Greater Toronto Area and the 905 belt” as examples of Liberal areas of strength in previous elections, but says “they are now losing ground.”

Intentionally obscured by media, the GTA region may well hold the key to federal election victory. The reason why relates to an unexposed element of Liberal politics– an incessant drive to leverage “racialized” communities for the purpose of politically dominating the Greater Toronto Area region.

The method to do so is not complex in nature. It’s a matter of matching up a 3rd World-dominated riding with 3rd World-Liberal MP candidates. To do so, backroom strategists selected a series of half-citizens and new arrival migrants to win the day.

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