President Donald J. Trump (Getty Image)


by Roy Francis


May 11, 2023

President Donald Trump was featured at a CNN town hall hosted by Kaitlan Collins in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

Many of the subjects and questions that were brought up focused around the events of January 6th 2020, the verdict in the E. Jean Carroll case, and the war in Ukraine.

Collins blamed the events on January 6th on the President and asked him why it took him so long to communicate his desire for everyone to go home, repeating the claim by Democrats that the 45th President was responsible due to his lack of action.

President Trump then told her that he had not waited and had actually taken to Twitter to tell his supporters to remain peaceful and respect law enforcement. The President had gone so far as to bring out printed copies of the tweets during the town hall that he had posted that day to debunk any false claims against him.

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