Pilot incapacitation – British Charter TUI Airways Flight BY-1424 from (NCL-LPA) Newcastle to Las Palmas Spain pilot became ill on March 4, 2023, plane diverted back – 9th recent pilot incapacitation!

by Dr. William Makis


May 11, 2023

A TUI Airways Boeing 737-800, registration G-FDZZ performing flight BY-1424 from Newcastle,EN (UK) to Las Palmas,CI (Spain), was enroute at FL360 over the Celtic Sea about 150nm south of Cork (Ireland) when the crew decided to return to Newcastle reporting one of the pilots became ill, descended to FL330 for the return, later FL250, burned off fuel at FL110 and landed safely back in Newcastle about 2 hours after leaving FL360. (click here)

The aircraft is still on the ground the next morning about 13 hours after landing. No further information released (click here)

8 other recent Pilot incapacitations in-flight:

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