Who better to learn from than the most successful one-party state in modern history?

by Brad Salzberg


May 11, 2023

Anyone with an older brother is likely to be able to relate to the concept of “learning from big brother.” Outside the family unit, in political terms, one can say the same about PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Big Brother is a fictional character and symbol in George Orwells dystopian 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. He is ostensibly the leader of Oceania, a totalitarian state wherein the ruling party, Ingsoc, wields total power over the inhabitants.

Canadians who understand the true nature of Liberal Party politics should be able to see the writing on the communist wall. PM Trudeau is, through stealth and subterfuge, engaging our country in a process of political conversion.

He too has learned from big brother– the nation of China, and its 14-person politburo. In terms of transition to a one-party state, the behemoth communist nation exists as a quintessential template.

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