by Eldric Vero

May 10, 2023

This “Special Edition” Chart of the Day was inspired by the recent testimony of Jonathon J. Couey at the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) in Red Deer, Alberta.  The NCI (see: commenced March 16, 2023 and is held in various cities across Canada, ultimately ending in Ottawa in mid-May.  The NCI is a Canadian commission that’s being held by “We The People” which is examining all aspects of the Covid Crimes Against Humanity in order to reveal the truth of what really happened.  Here is a link to the NCI testimonies to date:

Once again, this testimony is a must listen-to as biologist/teacher Jonathon J. Couey PhD Neuroscience explains the complexities of coronavirus, PCR testing and the source/development of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. (

Expert Witness : Jonathon J Couey’s Presentation on Coronavirus, PCR Testing and Pathogenesis Red Deer Day 3

“Untruth naturally afflicts historical information. There are various reasons that make this unavoidable. One of them is partisanship for opinion and schools. If the soul is impartial in receiving information, it devotes to that information the share of critical investigation the information deserves, and its truth or untruth thus becomes clear. However, if the soul is infected with partisanship for a particular opinion or sect, it accepts without a moment’s hesitation the information that is agreeable to it. Prejudice and partisanship obscure the critical faculty and preclude critical investigation. The result is that falsehoods are accepted and transmitted.”

Muhammad ibn Khaldun al-Hadrami , Tunisian historian

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