The EU Hunger Games

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

May 8, 2023

Most readers will likely be quite familiar with the Dutch farmers protests against compulsory purchase of farmland by their oppressive government led by Mark Rutte. It touches a raw nerve for many Canadians coming soon after the Ottawa truckers’ protest.

Alex Christoforou gave a good update on his YouTube channel today. The EU Green New Deal section starts around 29 minutes:

The Tri-Cities Project

What many people won’t be so familiar with is the grim concept of the Benelux nations Tri-Cities project. I’ll let you catch up on this dystopian nightmare at your own leisure. To summarize, it explains the smokescreen behind the farmland acquisition.

You can also read here some insight into how the left and the blue haired, frothing, eco-mob defends and apologizes for such monstrous ideas:

Central planners wet dream

Such concepts are the stuff of absolute nightmares for freedom loving, independent, self-reliant, sovereign beings who don’t like being told what to do by grey skinned pallid busybodying apparatchiks.

We can frame the attack on farmers in conjunction with the evil overarching EU New Green Deal concept, and regardless of their inane non-science around fertilizers and food supply, especially regarding the consumption of meat.

Beyond that, what is the real agenda here?

Control of all things

TPTB at the head of this vast operation to control humanity have nothing more than that in mind. Control brings power, and great wealth in their name. The more disposable elements of humanity can suffer at their hands, and we have seen this throughout history.

Control, power and starvation are real. Whether by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, various African tinpot crazed dictators, food supply has been used as a weapon against humanity. Yet we think, well that is only third world tinpot “bongo bongo land” nations. Well, much closer to home in western “civilization” we had the manufactured Irish potato famine which lasted 7 years from 1845 and killed over 1m people.

In the current dystopian nightmare we are starting to move into, food supply is a tool being used to attack humanity. We have the attack on red meat, the conditioning being spread around rationing of food, and the idea of lab grown “meat” and bugs as a protein source. Of course, the health benefits of freshly grown, organic food is never on the agenda.

Disgusting noxious medications, bacteria infested face rags of misery, and now lab grown non-meat and bugs “for your health” no doubt followed by car free 15 minute cities, portion control, and climate lockdowns “for your safety”.

It’s not inconceivable that the degree of impact upon farming and the food supply that the central planners are aiming for could result in starvation of a massive amount of people in the west. The EU continues to grow its population from third world countries, offering safe haven, free accommodation and daily living handouts.


Economics of farming

The average Dutch arable farm is about 30 hectares. In the most productive areas, which seem to correlate to the specific land the Dutch government wants, land prices can be from 70-100k EUR per hectare. That puts a farm at a typical value of around $2.5m EUR, at the higher end. This is just ;and value, and I would hazard a guess there has to be some financial goodwill added for loss of future income.

The Dutch government aided and abetted by the EU, will offer one-time buyouts but with a catch. The recipients of funds cannot subsequently farm anywhere in the EU.

That is unfortunate if you’re living in the EU and have a long-standing desire to obtain food. It’s kind of a human necessity. The Ukrainian breadbasket will be cut off, the vast Eurasian food supply will be cut off, and the EU will try to talk a good game about being “food independent”, resilient, blah blah. In 2020 the UK imported a staggering 46% of its food supply. So, good luck finding a replacement for that 46%. I would suggest the UK government will promote plant-based diets, portion control, lab meat, and bug burgers/ While the islands literally sink under the weight of hungry Islamic newcomers. I’m sure the EU will do very little to help a hungry UK after Brexit. It will be every hungry man for himself.

One interesting factor is the weight of the cost of the EU Common Agricultural Policy. If governments had less farmland in their territories, not only would they be able to put big check marks against the requirements of the EU Green New Deal, but they could virtue signal to the WEF and co. And of course, the subsidy funds could go towards grants and funding for bug farms and lab-meat factories. I’m quite sure that the funds would do directly to help vast transnationals, owned and invested in by your favorite household named billionaires, and vaccine fans. It’s a great big game, and so far, you’re not playing.

Strategic warfare

Unless people are living under a rock, and there must be many big rocks out there with huddled masses under them, yet one would have to be pretty dimwitted to not realize that humanity is under attack. For the time being, let’s put the vast horde of mindless morons to one side and concentrate on us, the warriors for freedom and independence.

Most of us are already aware of the war against food, the starvation program, green deals, alternative (revolting, disgusting) food sources and such. We can see the evil program and projects that governments, quangos, NGO’s and unelected malevolent entities such as the WEF have undertaken against us.

Demographic disaster

Further to the destruction of the farming industry, we have a demographic crisis unfolding. In most western nations, as there simply won’t be the knowledge, skills, experience and desire to operate farms. Young people and the children of today’s farmers are simply not interested in the continuation of farming.

Other economic and environmental crises are forcing people hands. And this isn’t just a post-covhoax phenomenon. It started before then.


Many people assume that fighting, protesting and railing hard against the system are always the answer. What if the system is too big, too evil and self-serving, and too powerful to resist?

What if, ultimately, fighting the system will get you jailed, ruined financially and emotionally, and your life destroyed?

Warfare requires a lot of complex thinking, strategic gameplaying, and the consideration of all factors. What if the best solution for the longer term is to let them destroy themselves. Let them eat each other alive. Why don’t Dutch farmers move elsewhere to cash out very comfortably on the EU/WEF dime, and rebuild their lives? Russia offers land at $5k USD per hectare, while in prime farming areas of South America with a year-round growing season, low labour costs, and willing workers, land can be bought with a budget of $5-25k USD per hectare. In this geopolitical multi-faceted hybrid war we have to make very smart, and often tough, decisions.

If you had the offer of a $1-2.5m EUR government cheque, what would you do with the money?

Personally, I would look for a country that could offer me cheap land, low operating costs, an optimum growing season, a vast range of crops, low-cost housing and low living costs, a decent marginal profit, a low inflation rate, established export channels, a chance to gain a differential on CD investments (free money at +8% net over inflation, anyone?) and an easy way to obtain residency.

People can try to cling to their nationality, passport, place of birth, local allegiances and the like. But the reality is they are all items used against people emotionally or practically to prevent them from making rational self-determinant decisions. We truly are global citizens, in an emerging multipolar world, and we should try to use this strategy against the globalists in the same way they have attacked us.

Let it burn, let them destroy themselves

You see, the multibillionaire globalists who own and invest in the transnational corporation gameshow do the same. They have multiple residencies, various passports, and invest and hold assets all over the world. They operate in or move to lower tax nations. They dump funds into precious metals, held in offshore vaults, buy real estate in upcoming developing markets, and have various bolt holes planned in case of mass civil disorder.

You may not want to be a brutal psychopath like them, but you can learn a few things from them. Your country of birth has no allegiance to you anymore. Your loyalty to it is a convenience for them. They use it against you. Your government hates you, wants you dead, sick, or broken, and utterly subservient to them.

Global life planning

I was recently comparing the price of residential real estate in Medellin Colombia, Quito Ecuador, Baku Azerbaijan, Yerevan Armenia and Tblisi Georgia. All were overall very favorable to most western nations in various ways as an option for retirees to reduce total living costs and more importantly, experience a life changing cultural journey. Even for part of the year to hedge their decision for the long term. The people in these developing nations are smart, efficient, hungry for investment, hardworking, and actually really helpful. You can find turnkey integrated services such as the one linked below servicing immigrants to Georgia. Or simply visit, network, research, and build up your contacts.

Of course, none of those cities are perfect and they do have various strategic and practical weaknesses. Baku (below) and Yerevan are definitely not in the top ten most popular relocation destinations for westerners, but they offer great real estate options, phenomenally visually stunning clean cities, with much lower crime than most rapidly deteriorating North American cities, great dining, and vast cultural learning options.

I’m not saying that everyone in the west should give up, or not fight. Certainly, people should make an informed choice whether they want to risk ending up jailed, broke, broken, and trapped somewhere they can’t escape from. Like the fall of Saigon, you don’t want to be the last bunch on the roof of the embassy waiting for the next helicopter. OK so it won’t be the Viet Cong banging on the door of the stairs. More likely some WEF transhumanist goon offering you free samples of fried insects and a variety of complimentary mandatory injectable toxins.

Ultimately, we will all need to play a part in this war. Some in the trenches, some from afar, some offering advice, some sacrificing themselves for our greater good, some in terms of financial support, and others in many different ways.

I think we’re a few years away from the biggest battles yet. There’s a lot more misery and oppression to come, and the vast mindless non sentient herd haven’t even roused from their eternal slumber. They may never. The real war only starts when those guilty of such heinous crimes against humanity are dragged from their beds in the dead of night. When they become “the disappeared” and fill the headlines with “sudden violent death of” or “mysterious disappearance of”. Perhaps when they go missing from the private secluded beaches of their Caribbean island tax haven estates, or suffer a tragic ski accident at Gstaad or St. Moritz. Suffocating in a tree well as they contemplate their miserable existence, in the final grim reality that all that greed and money could not save them.

Perhaps these entitled arrogant aristocrats deserve to become embroiled in the entropy as vast angry hungry mobs hunt them down. Perhaps that is the manifest destiny for these creatures. After all, we have seen the starvation programs through our history but also the fall of the great and the good. We have taken to the streets en masse, and maybe we soon will once again. Shoulder to shoulder, people may yet again rise up to reclaim their freedom from sheer tyranny.

If this article helps you, or makes you think about the world we are currently in and our personal challenges and struggles, please share it with a friend, and thanks for taking the time to read.

The decisions and choices you make now may determine your long-term fate. Choose wisely. Think deeply. Strategize.