Welcome to the New Dark Age

by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

May 2, 2023

Something dark, lumpen and heavy is approaching. You can sense it all around.

I’ve struggled with this, as far better writers than myself such as Larry C. Johnson and James Howard Kunstler define the times we are living through far better. Writing however is not just an expression of our times and an effort to capture them, but a personal documentation of a journey. A personal time capsule, if you like. In these times where history is in the process of being rewritten, erased and even the present reality we live in is being warped and we are told truths of the “now” that seem surreal when peering out of the car window or looking around the cubicles at work. We certainly see something far different to that which the talking heads dictate to us is our reality.



The dark ominous clouds gathering over our heads are the portents of something very grim indeed. Broken down, each malaise humanity is facing is a behemoth of itself. Gathered together across the sky these dark clouds are forming something far more malevolent. It’s not just simply economic collapse, financial hard times, the psychosis of the hypochondriac class, the new religion of “xi-ence”, the totalitarian shutting down of debate and discussion, the general dumbing down of society, or the supine matter in which hordes of peasants are simply accepting their fate.

Those dark clouds are the gathering storm

We are living in tumultuous times, and through changes the likes of which most of us have never witnessed. As the clouds roll across the sky, bringing not blue sky but more darkness and ominous horizons, it is the sheer lack of any blue sky that is most troubling.

As the mass psychosis accelerated through the covhoax, it seemed that each month would bring more waves of degenerate madness and greater bursts of idiocy and psychopathy. As new waves started to beak on the shore of our normal lives, it seemed like there was an acceleration of the cycle of madness. Suddenly, it was a new shenanigan each week. Escalation was applied to each cycle until just in the last few months it seems that each day reveals more insanity. Now, it is noticeably even more crazy. Each day we are seeing new revelations break across various issues and it’s hard to actually keep on top of it. So we are certainly now seeing huge escalations and the spiritual and psychological attacks come from various directions almost simultaneously. With the variety of shitshows and crises available to the media consumer, it’s almost a 24/7 global cacophony of chaos. By the time you rise and grind, sit down at the computer, tablet or cellphone, and start the consumption process one could already be overwhelmed. And you’re not even onto second cup.

The New Dark Age cometh

Just how bad is this going to get? From reading people who aren’t crazed preppers or doomers, even the most reasonable are suggesting survivalism techniques, security, financial caution, wealth preservation, escapism and other techniques to mitigate what in most people’s eyes is already a foregone conclusion. Most wise calm heads point to a total societal and financial collapse. There is a myriad of good solid advice out there in alt media world and even creeping into the mainstream narrative. My own personal advice to people is take whatever advice is available out there and plan for the absolute worst you can imagine, and then some.


These dark portents indicate a world of fear, tyranny, lawlessness, rampant criminality, low levels of access to food, fresh clean water, health, nutrition, and other supports, and a society where one might be flung to the four winds to sink or swim.

Antediluvian horrors

If we move a few more degrees further in social entropy and broad societal collapse, it’s not hard to visualize a rapid rate at which everything degrades. So much of our systems are co-dependent. So many key operators, managers and controllers are retiring or simply quitting and in their footsteps are no highly qualified replacements. Contingency and succession plans have been long neglected, perhaps naming someone from 1998 who has since passed from injuries related to recent medications, or quit because they are simply too sick to work these days. Young aspirants are putting far more effort into diversity and equity projects that they are basically unemployable in any other context. Work is now an inconvenience, something of far less importance than becoming a social justice champion. Jobs are taken based on how much narcissistic virtue signaling can be added to the resume, perhaps with the end goal of forming an NGO or doing voluntary work at an outreach centre for blind, one-legged transgenders in darkest Peru.

Workplaces a repopulated by the illiterate masses, people unable to form an email message, or the ESL minority groups that get put on the accelerated promotion path. Managers cannot manage and leaders fail to lead. Customers are revolting, yelling abuse and screaming. Corporate cult huddles encourage the vomiting of chants and mantras to try to normalize this madness. Some offices are bare husks, soulless cubicles empty of drones. The befuddled worker looks around and scratches their head, trying to find a scrap of motivation to continue this misery as they wish they were at home in their pyjamas, with their four legged familiar on their lap. It is a living hell for many and work has simply morphed into another concurrent living hell. Daily lived horrors are a key part of the antediluvian nightmare.

People shuffle to work through the lifeless grey throngs, or take their chances on public transit. What horrors trickle through their minds? Subway pushers, knife attackers, deranged rapists, or machete wielding head choppers? These are all realities that have got into people’s mindspace, etching away like a strong acid. Such realities simply won’t go, and they rattle around the brain during the daily commute. The more fortunate have their own personal space and they can mull over the day in the peace and quiet of their car. Which now costs a fortune to run, operates in increasing car unfriendly hostile spaces, and will soon carry a social stigma equivalent to having BO or black teeth. How long before car drivers are violently accosted by deranged mobs of MK Ultra 3.0 triggered eco protesters? We are pretty close. SUV tire slashing in urban metropolises is just so 2022. The new horror is simply not to be left in peace and have constant incursions into your private life by Soros-sponsored rentamobs, or various government apparatus.

Bloated beardy men in dresses pretend to be women, biological men win at women’s’ sports, doctors hack off the genitals of small children, men dressed as women wave their genitalia at young children, mothers encourage this as grown men stand idly by, as mods wave the new Nazi rainbow/trans alliance flag. Armies promote sexual degeneracy and recruit the weakest, and in the case of a group of LBTQ+-&$ and whatever else soldiers just this week, hold a photographed gay orgy in a forest in an effort to recruit yet more deviants to line up for “meatgrinder-goes-burrrr”. Gay men fight an unwinnable proxy war for a Jewish actor-comedian under a Nazi banner while most of us on this side of the line scratch our head as, realistically, it is so utterly insane that it all makes total sense. Up is down, lies are truth, madness is sanity.

Many more such horrors await us

The fear that we may not be able to obtain at our convenience healthy nutritious food and fresh water. That medical systems may crash and be unable to support mass health issues brought on by poor sanitization, and mass starvation. Poverty brought about by financial crashes and central bank government collusion to dismantle the existing system we trust in. The cops, EMS, and security services we can almost rely on now many degrade further. Instead of waiting an hour for service, we may find the line is simply dead air. Nobody may come to save you from the rampaging mob. Resources will be used to protect government assets and those of corporations and transnationals. Your lack of importance to the government will be defined during these times.

Birth of the New Dark Age

We witnessed a vast array of horrors during the covhoax. Led by the core mantra of “trust the xi-ence” the vast horde laid bare any independent thinking, and threw aside critical thinking skills (assuming they had any to begin with, and this is debatable). Branch Covidian high priests laid out the various holy waters and rituals such as the 2m safe space of fear and the application of the carcinogenic hand Satanizer. Much has been said and written of the dehumanizing effect of the disgusting bacteria infested face rag of ritual misery. Dehumanization is part of the overall process, as is the normalization of these strange rituals and bizarre acts that defy common sense and at test of practicality. There must be some deep human psychological factor drawing people towards such things. Like moths to flames, they knew no better. For those of us who defied them and found them to be strange and irrational, that observation went hand in hand with the actual expectation that we would be marginalized and othered for not complying with these rituals.

We would be cast out, virtually tarred and feathered. The cult of fear was so strong and the dark magik so powerful, the vast horde were hypnotized into mass formation attacks on the non-believers. As the ritual application of the sacred waters gained momentum and the pressure built within the cult, one could feel this mass psychosis, like an electrical charge in the air. On the spiritual realm, it could be felt. Grandiose leaders, pumped full of narcissistic ego, would throw out curses and apply hexes upon the non-believers. This would chew up the hordes and spin them into a furious rage. As they lined up to receive yet more sacred leeches from the junior priests, their faith in the scriptures and beliefs of the cult led to even more fury. How dare you not believe in the sacred church of Covidius? How dare you decline to join the anointing of the chosen ones?

These dark beliefs and strange new customs were attractive to the hordes. Riven by fear and doubt, they returned to church for more leeches, convincing themselves that only the newest leech would save them from the demons of ill health and the sniffly night terrors.

What was successful is that a significant proportion of society were led to the altar of the new priests and their new gods. People formed new beliefs and threw away all cognition and common sense. They trusted the new sack of leeches and believed in the latest holy water brought from afar. This was an important step for those in power. Habits are hard to break once established, and new paradigms are rarely deconstructed. When you have prayed at the shining altar of Covidius, and told all and sundry how great this god is, how hard would it be to break away and deprogram? As we are seeing now, very few have succeeded. The narrative wrapped an array of new commands from the governmental heavens loosely related to the broad ideology of the new church, and the believers had to obey and spread the gospel.

Vaccines were safe and effective, children should be vaccinated, vaccine harm was miniscule, elections were trustworthy, the government was the “single source of truth”, co2 is dangerous, meat is murder, and on and on.

There is some sort of overarching ideology at the head of the pyramid, where each of these narratives feed in and are integral to the psychological process working effectively. They seem to be interchangeable, as the covhoax inevitably wanes, something else moves in to take up mindspace. Perhaps more effort is put in to tweaking the Hunter Biden laptop diffusion, it’s a moving feast of shenanigens. Some swap outs are made, for example once the classified documents from Sleepy Joe’s garage go off the radar it frees up space for something else. Maybe handling the classified Ukraine intel leak. It’s just a big juggling act to retain as many cult members as possible. Try this, make your own pyramid consisting of this week’s shambles-du-jour. Treat it as if it was Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Juggle the pieces according to influence and relevance. TPTB need the most important or powerful narrative to be at the top, and the supporting pieces of strategic and tactical relevance to form below.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Moving with the darkening times

As we move into these new feudal dark times we are likely to see even more strange acts and revelations. During the Old Dark Ages animals were put on trial. All sorts of customs and beliefs formed in parts of society. There was very little chance of escape, as one was either a feudal peasant or part of the aristocracy. Perhaps if useful and not too much of an idiot, they would be part of the operating system of the aristocracy. Perhaps a bean counter, high priest, leech provider, or other apparatchik. We can very clearly see that this is the goal of the WEF/globalist/Khazarian mafia agenda. We generally describe it as “communism” because that is the system we see is most easily to relate to and it is easier to help explain to the sleeping masses how things shall be. A single class of peasants with an equal portion of bug-gruel, owning nothing and being unhappy.

The digital matrix prison will ensure the peons are grateful for their serving of bug-gruel, else their social credit shall be hammered. No new sackcloth and ashes for you. This is a crux issue and is key for TPTB to move ahead and finally lock down everyone into a controlled slave class. There’s no going back from this. This is one way, head first into the abyss. Catherine Austin Fitts speaks and writes well regarding the risks of all this.

Yet, the raggedy herd are simply shuffling along devoid of self-awareness and moving head first over the cliff. Very rarely can anyone convince them to look around at what is happening to them, their children, their workplace, their bank, or society in general. Of course, it can be a challenge to awaken people to broader issues and social changes, but when it affects them through the pocketbook, wages, savings, living costs and such it seems remarkable that they have dropped into a deep trance like state of self-delusion.

In times of great fear and uncertainty people can suffer extreme stress and go into a delusional committed self-denial state. Possibly this is what is happening now. The last 3 years have created so much deeply embedded trauma that those invested in the dark cult are simply unable to think and use cognition and analytical skills.

At this point if you are out of the cult and seeing all this unfold in front of you, congratulations. Stay strong, stay smart, avoid the vast mindless herd, and put your efforts and energy into your own planning and self-preservation. In times of total crisis and entropy, this is the difference between life and death. No guarantee, but you are setting yourself aside. Find like minds, share resources and supplies. Plan as a whole using skills and resources from each part.

The storm clouds are gathering. We see them. Watch for omens. Plan accordingly.

Ricky Daytona,
West Kelowna



  1. Another excellent article, thank you. We are definitely in the dark ages and it will definitely get much worse, where to go, where to go…looking at Canada, the prairies may be the safest place, depending on the outcome of the election in Alberta. BC is becoming a very scary place to live. Keep on keeping on. Stay healthy, stay away from doctors, stay informed.

    • Thanks for the comment and the kind words.

      The north east region of BC straddling the AB border is an interesting area. Long summer days, a short but bountiful growing season, and fierce people who are still independent, proud, self determinant, and resourceful. The winters are hard and long there, but I found the people to be hardy likeable types who you’d prefer to have around you in the hard times rather than the weak, woke weaklings to be found in urban Canada.

      If AB can hold off the communist NDP onslaught and Smith isn’t another false dawn, I think AB could be the hold out to build resistance across the country.

  2. Depending on the outcome of the Alberta election coming up, Smith needs to quit flip flopping, right now depending on if she gets in and fights/investigates the covid plandemic, Alberta may be the only place in Canada to live and to bring down the Trudeau liberals. Lets hope it is not a fixed election.

    • I really hope that Canadians can get a “base” from which to launch a real solid resistance. AB played that role years ago and can do it again. Build it and they will come. Build that hub of conventional Canadian freedom, resilience, and neighbourly support, and they will come. Oust those wretched, miserable urban leftist. Drive them back to ON or on to BC, the heart of all liberal woke thinking and psychopathic deranged madness. Right now AB gives me some hope, and I think Canadians are all out of hope right now.

  3. I agree totally, I lived and worked in Ft. McMurray when the oil was booming and times were good, Albertans are very strong hard working Canadians, and they have the fight in them. I have been looking at moving to Alberta, my biggest draw back is the cold. It is hard keeping up the hope, but we must, we must also band together, and we do have the National Citizen Inquiry happening of which is not being mentioned in our mainstream media. https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/ I have watched some of the testimonials and witnesses. thinking maybe sending some of the good clips to all the MP’s and Senators. Mind you I am sure they are keeping tabs. This inquiry brings hope, that Trudeau and all those involved are brought to justice.
    The scary part is all the people that are so brain washed with covid still wearing masks. I am staying on the island with a friend, has no idea what is coming down the hill at him. He is not healthy at all, not sure how many jabs he had. And not sure how long he has it is sad. If they let themselves come to the truth, the jab is a bio weapon, they can not believe that there could be and is an evil group. He does not and will not believe that here in BC they are giving young children hormones, and mutilating these children. That is just to evil for him to believe. Lets hope Smith wins, we don’t have long to wait. We have hope and we have faith.