Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD


May 7, 2023

What could possibly cause almost every type of cancer to exacerbate within just months? What toxin are so many humans “consuming” over the past couple years that so many cancer cases are increasing, exponentially? Invasive breast cancer for 2022 was newly diagnosed in over a quarter million women, as incidence rates continue to increase. Also, in 2022, newly diagnosed lung cancer cases exceeded 230,000, as those also continue to increase. Plus, after decades of decline, now prostate cancer cases are on the rise. What in the world is happening?

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  1. “What in the world is happening”…? Is that a rhetorical question?

    I wish I could remember the name itself, but there is a compound in these jabs that cancer cells in the body absolutely LOVE. They thrive on it and use it to propagate. We all have cancer cells in our body in one way, shape or form. When it becomes dangerous is when it has a chance to ‘really’ cluster up and become seriously toxic to our bodies. So long as they are limited to a size our body and immune system can handle, it’s not a problem.

    Oh wait, these jabs annihilate the immune system, too… It’s like they engineered this to CAUSE cancer, huh?