(On the right, a true Canadian. On the left, a true Communist)

For selfish political purposes, the Trudeau family destroyed pride in Canadian identity.

by Brad Salzberg


May 7, 2023

“Mr. Lightfoot gave us so many special moments over the years. With a career that spanned over half a century, Mr. Lightfoot’s music told stories that captured the Canadian spirit, none more so than his iconic Canadian Railroad Trilogy, which will forever be a part of our country’s musical heritage.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s homage to Canadian folk hero Gordon Lightfoot exists as a singular experience. For one time only, our PM made a positive reference toward the heritage of our country. Previous to this outlier, references to Canada’s national heritage from Trudeau have been infused with anger, bitterness and embarrassment.

For “Old Stock” Canadians, Gordon Lightfoot represents a Canada far removed from Trudeau’s post-modern, neo-communist prostrations. Throughout his tenure of prime minister, the PM has made it abundantly clear that he dislikes our national heritage.

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  1. Well, at least in Barrie, Ontario, they know how to send a message.



    I find it hilarious (in a non-hilarious way) that the cops have all the time in the world to be routinely persecuting people expressing themselves instead of taking the afternoon to go to Ottawa, arrest the bastard responsible (which I say loosely, because really it’s the handlers that are responsible for this mess) and spend the next 20 years having the easy life. But, they would rather not do their jobs, thus making things incredibly more difficult for themselves.

    By this point, anyway who cannot see they are blatantly obvious criminals are either willfully blind or part of the corruption, itself.